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Date: January 19, 2020, 07:18:01 PM


Men need consent to smack their women’s behind: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Men need consent to smack their women’s behind

By: gifted |Time : February 23, 2019, 07:05:35 AM

During sex, some men for whatever reason like to teasingly slap their women’s behind. This slap or smack is usually pain less. Some men also take it a notch higher by smacking or groping their partner’s buttocks in public.

Recently, Nigeria’s music sensation Davido smacked his girlfriend’s  behind on a Valentine video he shared online. He smacked Chioma’s behind while she smiled into his arms for a hug.

After that display of affection between two adults who clearly enjoyed what they did, some people called him out. These people claimed that it was disrespectful for a man to smack his woman’s butt in public.

Others went as far as schooling Chioma on not knowing and differentiating between love gesture and an outright act of disrespect.

While there are women who find it erotic and a turn on being smacked mildly on their butts by their men during sex or while they are home, only a few of these women would appreciate such gestures publicly under whatever guise.

There are also women who will be offended by any form of smacking be it during sex, when lounging around the house or in public. Smacking their behind leaves them feeling under-loved, humiliated and even violated.

There are women who wish to be smacked by their partners during sex or while around the house, but they don’t know how to tell their men that they find it erotic, just for the fear of how their partner would look at them afterwards. So they keep it to themselves.

Meanwhile, there are men who will never smack their women’s behind no matter what. They find it belittling, disgusting and a huge turn off. These men believe that doing that means disrespecting their women.

There are men who just do it even though it is not their thing but because their partners like it, making their partner happy is their number one priority. There are men who are also dying to smack their women but are scared of her reaction.

The truth is the list of what people find erotic are countless and what turns you on is different from what turns others on.

Do I think it is disrespectful for a man to smack or grope any woman’s behind in secret or in public? Absolutely yes! It is very wrong and disrespectful for a man to smack just about any woman’s behind in secret or in public.

Why would you go about smacking women you barely know in public or in secret when you have not had such conversations with them before?

It is absolutely disrespectful. It doesn’t matter that she’s dressed in a suggestive manner, she’s flirting with you, in a club, party or she’s even a prostitute.

But there is nothing wrong if a man smacks his woman’s behind especially if his woman finds it erotic and sees nothing wrong with it, except if he continues to do it even when she disapproves of it.

Unfortunately, most men who watch porn videos seem to think smacking is a standard part of intercourse. They think every woman wants to be smacked just like they see on porn videos.

Overtime, these men who watch porn begin to practice things they watched on their women. In porn videos, smacking is more like an encouragement to continue from a male to a female porn star.

For smacking to happen, there’s need for consent and if your partner doesn’t like it, then don’t do it. But if she asks for it, do it if it’s okay by you. Whatever it is, let it be clearly consensual.

Mind you, that a woman finds smacking erotic does not mean she’s a whore, wild, possessed or sexually damaged. Neither does it make a woman who hates getting smacked on the butt a saint, homely, sensible, loving etc.

The fact that it is normal to be free with your partner displaying affection wherever you find yourselves does not mean it is acceptable to display such erotic gestures of smacking or groping her behind in public except at appropriate parties where such behaviors are tolerated.

It is also important to note that there are sexual behaviors people find odd or a complete turn off at first, second, third and even the 10th time, but after a while or as they become more adventurous, they start to find it more erotic.

Before you smack your woman the first time, it’s best to have the necessary conversation for consent with her. On the safe side, you can smack her while alone with her and observe her countenance, then apologize, tell her “I’m sorry if you are offended that I smacked you” her response and facial expression will drive home her point.

That she likes being smacked while you two are indoors does not mean she will be comfortable with you doing same in public. And that she didn’t react negatively when you smacked her in public the first time, does not mean it is okay to always do that, don’t be unfortunate.

Re: Men need consent to smack their women’s behind

By: gifted |Time : February 23, 2019, 07:06:17 AM
This is a very controversial subject.

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