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By goldpeace (M)August 16, 2016, 02:36:28 AM
After telling me about his partner and how hard it was for them getting together lately, Femi exhales deeply and remained speechless until I broke the silence. I said "many times love ends", he turned to me looking more despair and then muttered "Love ends?"

when a guy has gone this far, it shows how much he wished he never heard that and that it wont happen to his battered relationship. Its possible you've been in his shoes before. A point where love ends. Yes, love ends, not as that of a final whistle in a football match but as episodes in season films. Every conflict in a relationship has tendency to either be a bend or an end. How you handle it shows your choice.

So when things seems bad, first know that an episode has come to an end which means lesson(s) are attached to it. When you get the lesson, it will surely give you a roadmap to make up. Find the lessons in the last episode and you will know how to begin the next.

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