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Date: October 18, 2018, 08:47:40 AM


How to make her fall in love by love doctor: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


How to make her fall in love by love doctor

By: princepoint |Time : August 06, 2016, 10:54:55 PM
1 Sacrifice
 Every now and then, it's nice to show your girl that
you put her first, and she is sure to return this
 sentiment. For example, if she desperately wants you
to see a movie with her but you were planning on
having a quiet night in, let her know that you're willing
to do that for her.

2 Mr. Mature
Display your maturity to your girl by showing her how
serious you are with your career, or how well you
handle your finances. Women love a confident and
 clever man.

3 Show Faith
Women want to feel secure with their man, and once
this trust and your faithfulness has been assured, you
relationship with one another will reach new heights.

4 Chill Pill
Don't sweat the small stuff! Show her that you have a
cool demeanor when dealing with problems and she'll
know that she can always rely on you!

5 Play Doctor
When your girl's not feeling her best, show her you
care by looking after her or simply sending a 'Get Well
Soon' note. This will reinforce to her that you can also
look after her in times of need.

6 Meet the Parents
Introducing your girl to your parents shows her not
only that you're pretty serious about her, but also that
 you're proud of her. It also gives her a good indication
of how you get along with your family, a quality that
 most women find very appealing.

7 All Ears Woman
love good listeners, so provide a listening ear
for your girl so she can rant, explain, or muse and
she'll be super grateful! Remember not to rush her or
 give unhelpful advice though.

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