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Date: April 16, 2021, 11:50:53 AM


6 Relationship Details You Shouldn’t Share On Social Media: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


6 Relationship Details You Shouldn’t Share On Social Media

By: Gideon |Time : April 23, 2018, 02:28:07 AM
Social media can be so much fun and a great way to connect with people everywhere, it can also serve as an avenue to show off your relationship a little bit – but in the right ways.
As much as we want to see the “likes” of approval and glowing comments, we also need to be careful to avoid oversharing and ruining our relationship in the process. To be honest, not everything has to go up on Instagram or Facebook, so try to avoid these mistakes when it comes to posting about your relationship on social media.

1. Your man’s personal details
There are certain things that people prefer to keep private about themselves, for instance, their daily routines or whether they like to sleep with a stuffed animal or not. Even if it’s something that you find completely really adorable, your man may not like having his personal details shared all over social media. Especially when there’s a chance that his co-workers may see it and that could make for an awkward Monday morning at the office. Unless your guy has approved it, try to keep personal details to a minimum.

2. Comments about your arguments
It’s a very bad idea to post about your quarrels and misunderstandings. You will not only end up inviting people who are not involved into the argument, but it can be utterly embarrassing for the both of you. When you keep arguments between yourselves, it helps you learn to work them out and it is far better than airing your dirty laundry out in public for everyone to see and comment on.

3. Your sex life
Um, TMI please! Although it may be tempting to brag about the awesome job your significant other does in bed, it’s best to keep that juicy info off the internet. If you must share, keep it text messages with your besties or close friend. Many people don’t really want to know what you two get up to behind closed doors, anyways.

4. Unapproved silly photos
Taking a candid picture of man while he’s asleep in a funny position may seem cute to you – but do not share that snap online without his approval. This is because your man may not be thrilled with a picture of himself drooling all over the pillow going viral. Getting his permission shows that he is okay with the picture and he knows it’s all just for fun.

5. Mean jokes about your man
While you can make mean jokes to your guy in person and he can tell that you’re just teasing them, it’s not the same on social media because you can’t translate either intent or tone over text. The moment you post a mean joke about your partner on social media, you can no longer control the tone or intent of the joke. People are going to see that joke and they may not understand the context. If you want to tease your partner, keep it to text messages between you two.

6. Disrespectful posts about his ex
Whether boyfriend’s last relationship was a complete disaster or not, it’s best to keep the trash talk to yourself. Posting about your partner’s ex will only make you look insecure in your relationship. Plus, your man may not take too kindly to you mouthing off about his past relationship and creating unnecessary drama.

What are some cheesy things you’ve seen people post online about their relationship?

Re: 6 Relationship Details You Shouldn’t Share On Social Media

By: Gideon |Time : April 23, 2018, 02:40:13 AM
Guys and ladies out there should take note that social media is not a platform to bare all information about relationships especially personal information. There should be limits to information you share in social media.

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