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Date: April 16, 2021, 12:49:16 PM


6 Foolish Actions Men Should Stop: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


6 Foolish Actions Men Should Stop

By: princepoint |Time : April 05, 2018, 02:58:46 AM

1. Staring at women: that level of perversion is so strong that many women now see a simple glance as a desire to stare at them. Now, men can’t appreciate women’s beauty because of some people’s love for staring. Stop the act of ‘lookery’
Funny enough, when certain men see some other men staring at women they mock them also; yet, men have not really trained themselves to hold to their gaze and that in itself is a cause for disgrace.

2. Disrespecting women: many men make it their duty to disrespect their women or women generally.
Some husbands are so careless that they abuse their women in the public or talk to them bashfully.
Some men also are always in the form of not trying to take rubbish from woman because they are the head. So they disrespect them. No.
More so, a man is only the head of the family in his nuclear family and no where else. You’re not the head of your brother’s family.
Women are humans too, prone to emotions and are worthy of respect anywhere. And that goes to showing men respect too. Why must you show how rude you’re to display your power.

3. Shouting out foolish words: men are known to appreciate women, but when the words you shout are words that place women in the status of sex object, something is definitely wrong. Stop! Stop! Just stop it. It’s a big no no especially for educated men.
Let the Alphamale in you make you see things in the way a real man would. A lion doesn’t involve itself in roaring for fun.

4: Reaching out to Ex: this is one other foolish thing some men do that allows women to generalise about men’s insensitivity and foolishness.
No matter how much you loved your ex, never return to ask for her show of affection when she is a relationship. Please, what would you have done? Would you have left your new girlfriend for your ex too?
No woman is the best in the world. Every woman is unique in her own way and it will do you real good to sit with the one you have chosen and not making the relationship look like a adumbration, like a representation of the last one as if you’re hoping your Ex will come. Broa, she is not coming. Even if she comes, especially when the break up was initiated by her, let her know you’re not a yo-yo that will be dangled from left to right.
You’re a man whose focus is always fixed on the future and that future is with your new girlfriend.

5. Beating women: beating of women is a habit that everyone should curb in boys. Some parents always shout at their boys whenever a girl beats him and make him look weak, flaming his desire to be a champion in wrestling.
Many men have shamed men. You have represented men in a bad light by beating women. Are your emotions stronger than you? I thought every adult should have dropped that for the children. If you have beaten a woman before, please stop.
You’re disgracing all the other men in the world. We need good representations.
6. Rape: this is one thing that everybody is fighting for. This is one aspect Menvocate hope to curb by dealing with the men.
And here we stop… Phew!
Have anything to add, drop in the comment below?
Women: how does your husband control his anger around you, come tell…
What other things have men done to disgrace us?

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