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5 Things Nigerian Wives Want And Expect From their Husbands : Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (116 views)

5 Things Nigerian Wives Want And Expect From their Husbands

By princepointDecember 16, 2016, 04:51:18 AM
This is what i want from my man:

* A listening ear
: Don't increase the volume of the TV when i am having a discussion with you. Let me know that you are paying attention to me.

* Be honest with me
: Tell me things exactly the way they are, do not tell me what you feel i want to her. Don't try to sugar-coat the truth no matter how bitter it is.

* Understanding: If you do not understand me, then, who else will. You need to understand my mood swings, everything. You should be able to tell why i do the things i do.

* Loyalty: I know that i am not the most beautiful girl in the world, i can be a mess to handle at times. I might not give you sex when you want it 'cos of the "i am tired" flimsy excuse but please, stay loyal to me. You saw that beautiful,yellow, flawless skinned chick with a big,round ass before you decided to settle for a chocolate diva, you knew there was (still is) something unique about me. So, whenever you are tempted to be unfaithful, remember that thing!

* Be Financially Independent: I will not saddle you with responsibilities but please, be hardworking and success oriented.

* Be Caring/Romantic: Why do you want to stop doing all the things you used to do before i agreed to date/marry you? We need to keep the spark alive please. Don't stop. You do not have to break a bank and it doesn't have to always be monetary. A one minute phone call to me just to tell me you love me will leave me shinning my teeth like i am a close-up ambassador for the rest of the day. ;)

*Be Compassionate
: You need to have human feelings. Be kind and help people as much as you can.

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