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5 Sure Signs Your Spouse Is A Financial Risk: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (115 views)

5 Sure Signs Your Spouse Is A Financial Risk

By Adenosine (M)December 15, 2016, 12:36:48 PM

Money is very important in any relationship. It is the oil that lubricates your love life. But it shouldn’t be the ultimate. Regardless of this, some people are all about the money even if you drive the best SUVs, reside in choice areas in Lagos and hang out at one of the best of hotels in Lagos. In order not to become an ATM for others people, Jumia Travel shares some signs to look out to know if your spouse is all about the money.

He doesn’t pay when you are on a date

In this in part of the world, men are expected to pick the bills for their woman. But, if he invites you for a date and the lady settle the bill, you should be conscious of him. You may say this is a one-off. But when he keeps asking you for money, and you keeping picking his bills, it is may be time to consider the status of the relationship.

Racks up debts on your behalf

Due to their uncontrolled spending, your partner racks up debts which he or she expects you to pay for. If you don’t talk about this, before you know you will be unable to pay for these debts. Don’t give any room for this to mutate. Nip it in the bud before it explodes in your face.

Always gambling

Gambling is better packaged today. It has been made attractive that very few people see anything wrong with it. If your spouse has a gambling problem, you should talk him out of it. This is because soon he or she may be asking you for money to continue his gambling after spending his own money.

When spending is above monthly income

Some people don’t mind their partners knowing what they earn. But if you notice that his or her spending is far above what they earn, you may be dealing with someone who is a spendthrift. However, before you conclude, you should talk to them because it may be a gift. This is perhaps why partners don’t like disclosing what they earn.

They have the get rich quick syndrome

There is no quick way to get rich quick. You have to work very hard before you earn money. The only way you get rich quickly is to do something unsavoury or illegal. When the illegal activity backfires,, he will move to other illegal things. You don’t want to caught up in such a net. But, for some people, they are not really concerned about the source of income as far as you are spoiling them with the goodies of life.


Re: 5 Sure Signs Your Spouse Is A Financial Risk

By dayan (M)December 16, 2016, 04:46:48 AM
Not sure about number one though...

Re: 5 Sure Signs Your Spouse Is A Financial Risk

By GideonDecember 16, 2016, 09:57:36 AM
Not sure about number one though...

I agree...the number one sign depends... If a man takes a woman on a date to a restaurant,...the man should pay but if the woman decides to offer and pay,..the guy should accept...
If it is an everytime asking from the man especially if the woman is wealthy, then the relationship needs to be examined.

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