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Date: January 21, 2021, 03:46:26 AM


4 Common Reasons A Woman Leaves Her Man In A Relationship: Romance : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


4 Common Reasons A Woman Leaves Her Man In A Relationship

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : December 20, 2018, 09:58:31 PM
A lot of times, men are often seen as the ones who have troubles with commitment in a relationship. Usually, it’s the men who have a rep for being incapable of committing to a woman once things start to get really serious between the two of them. However, if that is really the case, then why is it that it’s women who are more likely to exit a relationship?

Based on a very big study conducted by experts Margaret Brinig and Douglas Allen, women actually file for divorce twice as much as men do. Isn’t that an interesting statistic to study? You would think that since men are the more noncommittal gender, they would be the ones who would be filing more divorces right? But that data shows otherwise.

In my own personal experience, I know for a fact that it’s more likely that a woman does the dumping whenever the couple breaks up. I feel like this is because women have very high standards in their relationships. And whenever their standards aren’t being met, they feel like they have no choice but to walk away. Women might be more invested in their relationship but they are also the ones who are more likely to walk away when they know that their bets aren’t solid.

To make things more interesting, studies have also shown that women are a lot more likely to move on first in the case of a breakup. Females tend to take less time to get over a breakup than males. These are the findings of a major study conducted by Robin Simon, a professor of Health and Social Behavior.

Simon found that men typically tend to bear most of the emotional suffering that comes from a breakup because of their general psychology. Women are more likely to find outlets for their grief. They are more likely to talk to their friends about their feelings and emotions to speed up the healing process.

However, men typically like to keep everything bottled up inside. And that can prove to be very damaging to a person’s overall emotional and mental health. Sometimes, these kinds of traumatic experiences can lead to dramatic lifestyle changes for the worse. That is why you will always want to make sure that the woman you love is never put into a position wherein she is forced to break up with you.

And that’s exactly what this article is going to try to do. It’s going to try to shed some light on why women typically walk away from relationships. The better your understanding of these trends, then the more equipped you will be to actually keep your woman in your life.

If not, then you are taking her for granted and she might eventually walk out on you. You always want to be doing everything in your power to keep the woman that you love in your life.

Here are a few common reasons why a woman would ever walk away from a relationship in the first place.

1. She feels very underappreciated and undervalued.

You shouldn’t be so willing to just make your girl feel like you don’t value her. You don’t want her to feel like you are just taking her for granted. Validate her efforts. Always make her feel like you appreciate everything that she is and does in your life. Otherwise, she might feel like she’s not needed in your life at all.

2. She feels like you aren’t really capable of working through your differences.

You are not always going to see eye to eye with one another and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is when the two of you refuse to meet each other halfway. You always need to show a willingness to compromise so that you are both able to work through your differences in your relationship.

3. She feels like she can’t really feel much support from you.

Always give her the support and encouragement that she needs. We are all in need of support in our lives as human beings. That’s a big part of what drives us forward as we try to overcome our troubles and challenges. And if you fail to give her that kind of support, then you shouldn’t be surprised at her going elsewhere to find it.

4. She has cheated on you with someone else.

Sometimes, women are going to engage in a form of self-sabotage for the relationship by cheating on their men. And you shouldn’t be so naïve to think that it would never happen to you. It’s something that can strike almost anyone in any kind of relationship. Infidelity is very much rampant these days and you shouldn’t be taking it lightly.

Yes, if she cheats on you, then she’s definitely in the wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t responsible for it either. As a boyfriend, you should always be making it a point to not give her any reason to cheat on you. Fulfill her needs (both in a sexual and emotional manner) and she would never find any reason to cheat on you at all.



Re: 4 Common Reasons A Woman Leaves Her Man In A Relationship

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : December 20, 2018, 10:03:20 PM
That last point though  ;D

Re: 4 Common Reasons A Woman Leaves Her Man In A Relationship

By: dayan (M) |Time : December 21, 2018, 07:54:01 AM
The first thing to note from this article is that the research is not based on African countries. This research is most likely a western research. The relationship between men and women in the west and in Africa are widely different, though Africans are copying profusely these days. The cultural and sociological development of the two continents (Europe and Africa) are totally different - books can be written on that difference alone.
Having said that...

Women are complex beings, but they are also very easy to understand and "work with".

The relationship between a man and a woman is a fragile thing that cannot be easily put in words.
Some common fact about women (almost anywhere in the world) is that women need just "the right type of attention": Not more; not less. If a man gives them more attention than they need, the man will pay dearly for it, because she will cheat with a man who pays her less attention. If he gives her less attention than she needs she will sleep with the man who gives her "more" attention. Each woman and each man, hence each relationship, is different.
I watch a lot of paternity court shows on Youtube and a careful observer would notice a pattern in the times when women produce babies that are not their husband's or boyfriend's. The pattern is that the usual man who got her pregnant (ie the rogue who broke into the matrimonial homes) almost ALWAYS never want to have anything to do with the child. He may want to continue sleeping with her though, but not step up to be the father of the child. And the women would admit that they don't even know how to track down the guy, or that the guy does not want anything to do with the child. You start to wonder then...

if attention or care, or interest or presence from the man motivated these women to cheat on their men, why then are the men that impregnated them largely absent afterwards? I mean he just dumps her and and her child and leaves! And they continue to have sex with the rogue men. The movie "The Last American Virgin" accurately captures this phenomenon.
Why is that?
So,  it suffices that a man should CAREFULLY study the woman he is with to determine the exact amount of attention that she should get, and to give her just that, and never more. It is mistake to take a cookie-cutter approach to relationship. "They said that you should treat your wife like a queen and she would treat you like a king" BULLCRAP. Sometimes, you treat your wife like a queen and she would prefer that hood rat who treats her like a b%$tch or a whore, and she actually might leave you for him. It happens.
One big time pastor's wife left with a bodybuilder in the church. Go figure that!
Before you treat your wife like a queen, please make sure that she does not prefer to be treated like a whore or biatch. This is a very important point. The Igbo say "A na emelu ogoli o na emelu onye ka ya mma" - meaning "the more you pamper or indulge a woman, the more she pampers her preferred heart throb".

As for which gender recovers faster after divorce, this is purely cultural. In Nigeria the man will be better because he can simply snag another younger woman as long as he has money. In the west, it is not so easy due to culture, and men and women are not so economically different. Plus women get child custody and the house with the man paying child support. The woman's life is complete once the kids are with her and she gets paid for it. She might even hook up with some guy because she will have the time to do so. The man? He is essentially fcked!  ;D ;D :)) ... unless of course he is a Nigerian!  8)

Re: 4 Common Reasons A Woman Leaves Her Man In A Relationship

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : December 21, 2018, 09:57:27 AM
The research is not based on African culture, but some of the points are real, some are not valid.

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