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Date: July 04, 2020, 07:11:25 AM


Nobody can pray for you better than you can pray for yourself: Religion : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Nobody can pray for you better than you can pray for yourself

By: dayan (M) |Time : January 27, 2019, 08:26:58 PM
One of the greatest mistakes you can make, as a Christian, is to believe that any person out there can pray for you better than you can pray for yourself. This is one of the greatest misconceptions (or even mis-teachings) of latter day church. The latter day churches are built on the idea that an individual called a “pastor” or even a “priest” has a short-cut to heaven for the members of that church. That idea is responsible for the initial growth, and subsequent stagnation of such churches. In any case the “Church” Jesus spoke of in the Bible is not the same as the one we have today.

By “Church” Jesus meant his believers -those who believe in him whom he died for and who are heaven-bound. It has nothing to do with a denomination, creed, sect, or any building anywhere. The early churches did not even have fixed building locations. The members gathered in each other’s houses where they worshiped God, shared what they had in love, and dispersed. They also preached the gospel as part of their daily living but I digress…

If you read the Bible carefully, you would notice that even from the Old Testament the prophets never prayed for anyone. They performed miracles, and brought about prophesies, letting the people know what God  wanted to do. They never prayed for people just like that. Everyone prayed for himself or herself, and the priests only got involved to accept sacrifices brought to the alter.

The story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1: 9-17 buttresses this point. In the story, Hannah went to the house of God to pray. While there she prayed and wept and prayed so hard that the priest in the house of God, Eli, noticed her. The only thing the priest did for her was to wish her well telling her may God grant her request. She did not ask the priest to pray for her; she prayed for herself instead. Whenever the prophets of old prayed out aloud, they were either pronouncing blessings, curses or direct messages from God. They never prayed for anyone, rather they performed miracles. Prayer is a personal thing.

When Jesus prayed at the grave of Lazarus his friend who had died (John 11:41-44), he prayed aloud and essentially asked God to bring Lazarus back to life so that the people watching would believe that God sent him (Jesus). In all his other ministries he never prayed for anyone and let them go. He simply performed miracles, or he taught them the scriptures and fed them. Prayer is a personal thing. You only go to the masters (proven prophets of God) for healing and miracles. But what is obtainable these days is for people to ask a pastor to pray for them, and they keep going back to the pastor (or G.O.  as the case may be) to pray for them. To be fair, Dr Olukoya of the MFM has said the same thing I’m saying here, wondering how people can call themselves Christians or “Born Again” and yet they keep going from one pastor to the other seeking prayers and miracles.

From my personal perspective and experience, the spiritual challenges of this world are not simple and singular. They are complex, and persistent. The spiritual problems are controlled or instigated by wicked powers. Some of these problems are orchestrated by lower “realm” forces ; example terrestrial forces that dwell on earth: trees, rocks, underground, water bodies, and animals. They are operationalized through witchcraft and sorcery. But there are more powerful forces that are celestial: Satan, devils, fallen angels, etc. Those are also orchestrated or operationalized through witchcraft, but the difference is that such celestial forces are also autonomous (they operate by themselves) targeting the Children of the kingdom.

Now, there are countless unclean spirits facing human beings on a DAILY (and even HOURLY) basis. How then can one prayer take care of all of these forces? How can an individual pray for you and these forces go away and stay away? Remember what Jesus talked about when describing what happens when an evil spirit is driven away from a person in  Luke 11:24. The spirit mostly returns with more wicked spirits. The pastor conducts a “deliverance session”, and casts out evil spirits from an individual, and the person goes home, hoping to go back to the pastor for more deliverance. Meanwhile between the first deliverance and the next, the demons return to the person with more wicked demons. And then even after the person has “completed” the deliverance sessions, once the person does not pray for himself or herself, the demons will return with more wicked spirits.

This is why it is really a waste of time to undergo a deliverance if you have not made up your mind to have an unbroken relationship with the God of heaven and nurture that relationship as your normal daily way of life. The good news is that it is relatively very easy to live such a life and to gain dominion over all these forces. However, you need to make up your mind to live a life of dominion. When you have decided to live a life of dominion, your value systems change. Your eyes will open to how things work in this world, particularly “who controls what” in this world. Suddenly, you will start laughing at forces that used to make you cry in the past, and that drives such forces crazy. When they come and do their typical work, you see through the works, side-step them, and focus on the God of heaven and the love God has for this world and for you so much that he sent his son to die for you.

The main purpose of Jesus coming to the world is not really about him dying on the cross, but rather about him reconciling man to God. That reconciliation is what you should focus on to live a life of dominion. The devil’s agenda is to achieve the direct opposite – he wants to create and sustain a divide between you and God. That is why he accuses you most of the time for the things you did not do right so as to make you feel inadequate or unqualified to be a child of God. In the following places in the Bible the devil accuses people: Job 2:1-6, Zechariah 3:1-2,  Revelation 12:10, and 2 Corinthians 2:11.

Once you understand the devil’s end game, you will gain an insight that makes you stay the course in the ways of God given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:37-38. It is not an overnight thing, but it is one that gets easier and easier as you focus on it. Once you’ve done this, pray DAILY for yourself. Prayer is the only way that human beings can demonstrate practical relationship with God. That is how God knows those who are his. After doing this, look more inwards than outwards about what should guide your actions, because that is where God lives. God does not live in any building. He lives within the hearts and minds of those who love him. You are his temple!

I’d give you a proven way to test my theory here.

Once you’ve done what I said above, acquire some good Christian musics and play them in your house or in your car. You don’t have to do this all the time, but try to do it to memorize some of the songs. This comes handy when God wants to tell you that you are deviating. Anytime you are doing anything, anywhere, and do that thing for a few minutes. If you are deviating, one of the Christian songs will start playing over and over in your head (mind). This is an unconscious thing. You can try to forget the song, but it will not go away for at least one hour into the action that triggered the song. That song is usually the spirit of God lovingly trying to warn you about your deviation. The song usually goes away if you continue with your deviation. I speak from personal experience. But if you are a child of God, he would NEVER leave you nor forsake you in your periods of weaknesses. He only leaves after you prove that you are resolutely trying to get away from him.

That is why, most truly evil activities people perform in this world to gain wealth or power involves deliberate multiple steps that CLEARLY leads away from God. And you must WILLINGLY sign up for such deviations before the initiation (or ritual) is completed. But I digress again…

Therefore, once you understand how spiritual things work as I’ve laid out above, it makes natural sense to pray for yourself, because no human being out there can pray enough for you. They can NEVER have the time to do that, because they need to pray for themselves as well! FACT.

Therefore, if anybody tells you that they can pray for you and give you deliverance, better look at them with deep suspicion. If you are ever going to undergo a deliverance, use the opportunity to initiate or sustain an abiding relationship with The God of Heaven,The Most High, who loves you anyway.
Then after the deliverance, walk the path of dominion by living your life according to Matthew 22:37-38. When the forces of darkness come calling as they did in the past, they will find that you now belong to the forces of HEAVEN, and they will run way from you.
And when you feel a need to pray against such forces, assuming they somehow resume their attacks on you, God will answer you before you call and while you are yet praying he will hear as he promised in Isaiah 65:24.


Re: Nobody can pray for you better than you can pray for yourself

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : January 28, 2019, 10:21:12 PM
They say a "prayerless" Christian is a powerless Christian, and I agree totally. God isn't some shopping mall where you visit only when you need groceries and supplies y'all. You have to relate with God, maintain constant communication and intentionally commit to a life He's deeply involved in - leading.

This article is priceless and I sincerely hope the veil of ignorance falls off people's faces so they will understand that their prayers count - effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. The Hannah situation singled out up there is a great example, just spot on.

My stance does not in any way undermine the power of Spiritual leaders. Instead it's to make people trust in God more and trust more in themselves as His heirs, temples, ambassadors - - -

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