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Date: February 18, 2019, 06:13:12 PM


My Jacob moment: The day I "Wrestled" with God! (True Story): Religion : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


My Jacob moment: The day I "Wrestled" with God! (True Story)

By: theorem |Time : August 24, 2016, 09:14:00 PM
(This is a real life account of an actual event, but the year has been masked, and the name of the hospital and other identifying places not mentioned to protect the privacy of the author. The author believes that those types of information would distract readers.
All attention and feelings should be reversed for God. Happy reading!)

The year was 19?8 and I was in my second year at the university. It was during the long vacation and I had returned home to spend the vacation when my junior brother suddenly fell ill. At first, everyone thought it was malaria, and my parents began administering the normal dose of anti-malaria medicine. Then the situation, inexplicably, started to deteriorate precipitously and, by the morning of the next day my brother had slipped into a coma. This development frightened my parents, prompting them to quickly rush my sick brother to the best hospital around. The choice of the hospital was because of the relatively good children healthcare facility it hosted at the time. On getting to the hospital, my brother was immediately admitted with suspected typhoid fever. The doctor recommended a lab for my brother, and the lab technicians drew his blood and sent it to the labs. But, alas after about 12 hours, the doctor came into the ward to my brother's bedside accompanied by another doctor and more nurses, and his countenance was disturbed. He calmly broke the latest news to my mother and I, which was that the lab results came back with a diagnosis of cerebro-spinal meningitis! 

All these happened within a space of one and half days.

The doctor at that point basically gave up because there was no medicine for cerebro-spinal meningitis in that hospital, or within a reasonable distance -the disease was not common in Eastern Nigeria; it was more common in North Eastern Nigeria at the time. For me, the whole thing proved overwhelming. My parents, particularly my mother was emotionally drained, flushed and totally broken. Though this very brother is the last born of the family, he is the most beloved by all members of the family. But, he was by far MY most beloved brother. I loved him so much that I could give my life for him to live. The love was that strong.

I was a young Christian zealot, having become born again two years earlier, and having spoken in tongues for the first time some months prior to this problem. But, by the time this was happening I had forgotten all that, and was only weeping uncontrollably. I did not find the mind or strength to pray. I thought I had lost my brother because he was just laying there totally unconscious and nearly dead.

While in that state, a child of similar age (my brother was just 9 years old) who was admitted same time as he, and whose bed was next to his, died. The doctor had injected her with some medicine and she reacted badly to it and died.  All these amplified my own fears about my beloved brother's fate and, when the doctor came to his bedside in the morning of the second day to give him an injection, I blocked him and threatened him to do so at the risk of his losing own life! I had lost all faith and trust in the doctor and the hospital. How on earth could they not have a medicine for “ordinary” meningitis?
So I thought.

From that moment on it was clear to me that only a direct divine intervention could save my brother.
All through the second day, the situation remained the same and even deteriorated in some ways.
Then, in the early hours of the morning on the third day, around 1 am, I was sleeping outside the hospital ward at the corridor outside the ward (the hospital's policy prohibited patient relation other than the mother from sleeping inside the ward), I suddenly woke up and started asking my self some hard questions about God and Jesus. The questions were in the line of “I was born into a Christian family, was baptized there, attended a seminary school, had loved God all my life even before being born again...” and so on.

“Where is that God that I have worshiped all these prior years?”

I was inconsolable in my state of melancholy. 

As I thought about these, my emotion started to rise, and I started to pray tearfully as I asked the questions more, and I was asking them fairly aloud. “Where is that God who said this, and that, and that…?” “Where is that God who promised this and that to his faithful servants?” I was crying and asking these questions. After these I said angrily, “I want to see that God TODAY!”

I must have prayed for about 20 minutes and then stood up from my camp bed and walked back to the hospital ward and to my brother's bedside. When I got there I simply stood there and was looking down at him laying there in coma. I must have stood there for about 30 seconds when my brother opened his eyes for the first time in nearly 3 days! He just opened his eyes and stared into the empty space, and when I waved my hand across his face to see whether he could see them, he slightly blinked but did not respond more. My mother was sleeping by his bedside, siting down on a small chair with her head placed on foot side of his bed. I stood there for another 2 minutes or so waving my hands at my brother's open and staring eyes. He responded more as the time advanced. At that moment I drew my mother's attention to the development. From that very moment my brother continuously kept getting better and within an hour he could stand up unsupported. He ate some food, and by 7 am that same morning, we were being discharged from the hospital! The doctors simply said that they could not explain what happened, that he had recovered miraculously.

I later related what actually happened that night to my parents, and my brother (and whoever cared to listen ever since, all these years); how God proved himself to me PERSONALLY. That was a life changing event and, as one of the top men of God in Nigeria would say, “Once you have an encounter with God, there is NO WAY you could remain the same person.”

Re: My Jacob moment: The day I "Wrestled" with God! (True Story)

By: Joyous (F) |Time : August 26, 2016, 12:29:32 AM
This is so touching. I have personally had, may be close to the same experience. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. And it will take only the Grace of God  for you to have real faith in God and he never fails  . I believe the story.
 My own experience,  I was pregnant and during routine test, Doctors said that I was having an abnormal baby with abnormal chromosomes that is incompatible with life. The only option is to abort the baby. This particular incident almost tore my marriage apart but guess what here comes my Jacob's moment and I wrestled with God, True story.  Today my baby is the normalest  baby if I can  put it like that.   The big question now is how many of  the Jacob'so moment can we hear?. Let the challenge begin .                                                 

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