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Date: June 26, 2019, 11:55:20 PM


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Listening To Music During Ramadan

By: Gideon |Time : May 16, 2018, 02:43:57 AM
Every year , Muslim faithful around the world embark on the Ramadan fast . The Ramadan is a holy period that tests the practical application of Islam in the lives of Muslims .
Ramadan is significant to Muslims because it was during the holy month that the Quran was first revealed . And it is also one of the five pillars of Islam .

Die To Flesh
One of the tenets of the Ramadan is to abstain from anything that will cause a faithful to backslide or cause the prayers to be ineffective.
Although there is a general understanding that people abstain from illicit sexual affairs , drinking and smoking , there is an ongoing conflict on music .

Herculean Music
Music , a universal language , is like medicine to the soul. It transcends the physical and can greatly affect the mood of a person.
Yet , it is one of that must be carefully scrutinized if one must maintain holiness. Words that promote sex, the use of guns , anger are sensitive because it can create imagery and influence the thought pattern .
It is for the reason ( and some more ) that a school of thought in Islam opine that music is haram ( forbidden ) . But another notes that music is permissible insofar it does not promote what contradicts the dictates of the Quran and Hadith . This school recognizes music as a gift from God noting that in itself is good but when its content/ lyrics encourage sin, it becomes haram . This school of thought restricts haram to drinking , eating and having sexual relations . After all , they argue , the prophet Mohammed passed by a group of street singers with his wife without condemning it.
Another school abhors the use of certain musical instruments such as string - based ones. Hence , there is an abundance of nasheeds done in acapella .
To be or not
Regardless of the debate, some Muslims still find music as an instrument of praising Allah .
For musicians like Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam , the sound of the Adhan , the call to prayer which was explained to be as “music for God” was his first touch with Islam . Until then , he did not know that music could be used to praise the one the creator of the universe .
Some have creatively sung covers of secular songs to sing one that praises Allah while being in total appreciation of the works of Allah . One of such artiste is Deen Squad .

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