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Date: May 25, 2020, 06:29:58 PM


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Turning the other cheek must not be misunderstood

By: dayan (M) |Time : April 12, 2018, 10:26:32 PM
Turning the other cheek is one of the most misunderstood of Christian teachings, and has been exploited throughout history by various groups. It has been exploited for political, economic, social and even strategic gains. The colonialists who conquered, enslaved and ruled (even continuing to rule by proxy today) parts of Africa and the world, rode generously on the docility of the conquered peoples.

They often first secured the conquering and dominion through a “calming” process of otherwise restless, defiant native opposition to their conquests and forced rule. And, any group that they could not calm through this process was declared a threat and confronted militarily. The calming was done through teaching of this same concept by the colonialists, never mind that they themselves did not remotely practice it.

It is a huge concept; in fact the entire Christian faith rests on it. What essentially differentiates a true Christian and a Muslim, or a Jew, is that a true Christian believes that God would fight his battles. What is often missed is that one has to first be in a “Christian place” with God, before one should reasonably expect God to fight for one. What is a Christian place? It is a place of, first, obedience to the laws of God, and secondly total submission to the will of God and total trust in God for protection and defence. It is the cornerstone of what the Bible qualifies as righteousness.

Therefore, before one can reasonably expect God’s assistance in a fight, protection, or defence, the person has to be a true Christian. It is not a secret, at all, that more than 95% of people who claim to be Christians do not practise the core teachings of Jesus Christ. Yet, when faced with threats to their persons, they claim that God would fight for them. However they are mistaken because God never changes. God assists Israel to fight wars. Even in recent history, God has been with them in wars. Israel did not sit home to wait for God to fight for them. They went to war, and God went with them. They are Jews, and God relates with them as such.

But, in some parts of the world, recent Christian converts -who barely even practice true Christianity- expect God to come down from heaven to fight for them. What one observes, however, is that non-Christian groups (or even pseudo-Christian groups) simply wiped those groups out and took over their lands and women. In fact a whole section of people who are natural cowards, often fly the “turning the other cheek flag” to escape fights. Without being prophetic about the matter, those groups will eventually be wiped out, because they are mistaken, or merely deceiving themselves. History is replete with groups which were wiped out entirely by invaders be they colonialists, slave catchers, religious conquerors, and etc.

Colonialsts in Nigeria.jpg
Colonialists in Nigeria

The Europeans that came to colonize Africa came with an overwhelming military force. They knew that what they were doing was wrong -they were on ventures to steal other people’s lands and resources and as such could not possibly rely on God to fight for them. So, they first built up strong military before setting sail for African coasts. And, in all the years they ruled Africa openly, they did not pretend that because they were professed Christians that they should not be armed. A careful observer would easily see through their Christian pretensions. Even in political and strategic alliances, the so called Christian colonialists allied themselves, in some instances, with outright anti-Christian groups, as long as it provided them with the support to control the colonized areas. The colonialists are pragmatic and honest, at least to themselves.

This type of topic should confront the dominant teachings by peoples who claim to be Christian leaders, yet preside over the systematic destruction of the cultural practices developed over thousands of years that help to secure a people.

Christian bishos in Nigeria.jpg
Christian Bishops in Nigeria

Some of these practices reside at the very base of culture, and control other tendencies that support a group’s survivalist efforts. Once destroyed, those groups became vulnerable to other series of imported destructive influences. This writer witnesses this tendency in the churches in rural areas of Nigeria. This partly explains why handful of “Fulani herdsmen” would sack villages in the middle belt and northern part of South Eastern Nigeria. Such things never happened before, but is happening more and more. It is happening because people who mouth-off being Christian, some of which are in fact cowards, fly the Christian flag to escape confronting a murderous threat. This writer often wonders why Nigerians only remember Christianity when they need to fight, but in other times they would unleash far worse terror on fellow citizens.

When they steal billions of dollars that should be used to build world-class hospitals, they never remember that they are Christian, and so forth.  The billions of dollars they steal lead to deaths of thousands and millions of Nigerians over the years.  When they dish out wicked and mean-spirited practices on fellow country men and women, they never remember that they are Christian.

Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reports’ Sowore made a sickening observation that the four toilets at Nigeria’s premier international gateway -the Murtala Muhammed International Airport are always dirty and lack toilet rolls. Lack of toilet rolls for the main gateway to a country of 198 million people with a $1 Trillion (purchasing power parity) economy? Ponder that for a second, and you would begin to understand how wicked and evil Nigerian leaders are. It means that there are no true Christians in the entire management of our international gateway. However, once the need arises for them to face armed herdsmen, they suddenly remember that they are Christian.

This self deceit will eventually lead to their annihilation. This is a fact of history. History is cold and unemotional.

Turning the other cheek is a heavenly practice which only genuine Christians should practice.
You cannot disregard 99% of God’s law, and then claim to be Christian when you are faced with a mortal  fight. God will NOT fight for you.

 A true Christian would expect the “heavenly police force” to enforce his rights here in this earth, and it would happen just like that. It would work because the true Christian is already a part of  the “community of heaven” which spans the terrestrial and the celestial. 

The rest must adopt earthly self defence practices, or be wiped out.


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