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Date: February 18, 2019, 06:25:36 PM


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Ten years ago!

By: goldpeace (M) |Time : August 19, 2016, 02:25:27 AM
Can you look back and see ten years ago? Only few people will be able to see ten years ago clearly and lots more will remember vividly but whichever category you fall into, I need you to answer a question.
A simple question but if answered and looked at objectively, it could facilitate some level of growth and thats my real reason for asking. My question is; how did you view the world 10years ago? Were you too young to have any view of the world then?
When a friend told me she didnt have any view of the world then years ago, a quote I read somewhere came to my mind which reads "anyone who view the world the same way he viewed it 20yrs ago has wasted 20yrs of his life." This then implies that if you view the same way you see it 10yrs, I'm sorry to announce to you that you have wasted the last 10yrs. Its better I tell you the bitter words that heal your soul than sweet words that break you.
Its a well known fact that you can be greater than your thoughts. You're what you think. If your thought of the world has never left where it was 10yrs ago, how do you think you would have made progress with such thought pattern. The way you view the world is mostly reflected in how you handle opportunities and threats. Now, dont be left behind, look beyond the last 10yrs to the next 10yrs. There is more.

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