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Date: January 18, 2020, 01:44:23 PM


It is not true that all women are beautiful…: Random Thoughts : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


It is not true that all women are beautiful…

By: dayan (M) |Time : December 29, 2018, 11:50:06 PM
...just as it is not true that all men are rich.

This statement is both relative and absolute, depending on context and intended semantics.
We live in a world of relativity but we speak in absolutes.

The relationship between women and beauty is analogous to that between men and riches.
This is because beauty (for women) and wealth (for men) have the potential to make life considerably easier  for the concerned individuals. There is no doubt that a very attractive woman get favors from the rest of society, even right from childhood, and there is no doubt that a man of means gets favors even when he didn’t request for them. A friend once argued that this is what Jesus meant when he said that “to those who have will more be given...”  but I digress...

Therefore the statement that all women are beautiful can be “transpiled” into saying that all men are rich. However, this can only be true in the same way that the absolute number theorem in maths says that  -2 and 2 are the same thing. They are equal in distance if counting from 0, never mind that one is counting positively while the other negatively! The difference is that the absolute number principle in maths is actually the relative principle in life.

One person’s “beauty queen” is, in fact, another’s ugly woman; while one person’s rich man is another’s pauper. It is all relative.
What society normally does is to speak in absolutes -to make generalized assertion and leave it at that.
 Maybe it makes for a  “normalized” society where none feels cheated by life. It may also be just a societal aspirational assertion to which some can key in to improve their situations. But then society proceeds to organize beauty pageants, and publish billionaires lists! In reality there is always someone, somewhere, who is more beautiful than the crowned beauty queen; and there is also someone richer than the published richest man in the world. We live in a world of relativity, but we have a habit of speaking in absolutes!

So, it is not true that all women are beautiful and it is also not true that all men are rich, except you mean in relative terms. It is more accurate to say that a woman is more beautiful than… or that a man is richer than. Fact is that some women are, in the same line of thought, uglier than... while some men are poorer than...

This qualification is important because society is getting to a stage whereby women who believed that they were beautiful (in absolute terms) meet situations that present them with something different. Some of the women handle it well and simply adjust, while others cannot accept their given reality and resort to antisocial behaviors -often sexual- example: allowing themselves to be prostituted and pimped.

On the men’s side, when it dawns on a man that he is not in fact rich as society may have convinced him of, he may resort to many illegal money making schemes that can bring him more troubles. Much as it may provide coping mechanisms sometimes, it is healthier that society stops saying that all women are beautiful, or  that all men are rich. That way, a person can learn the survival skills necessary to cope with his or her life realities early enough.

These skills are better learned young (ie before adulthood), else it can become too late.


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