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Date: August 12, 2020, 04:51:06 AM


Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?: Random Thoughts : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?

By: Gideon |Time : September 19, 2018, 01:47:50 AM
Cook for him, surprise him with meals, and learn to make his favourite meal so that he will not go outside.”

For many a woman, one of the ways to show your partner that you are prepared for marriage is by cooking. Because of this, women spend their early lives in the kitchen.

Yet, the evolving society continues to question the ideals that we were raised with.

The best cooks still have cheats as partners. There are happy marriages, some claim, where the couple does not cook. After all, they argue there is a reason chefs and restaurants exist.

In another class, there are men who never tasted their wife’s meal but still chose them. Still, there are some who believe that if they must eat, they must learn to cook. These kind are specific with what goes in through their mouth.

Then there is the problem of monotony and man’s desire to explore other people’s meals. Adventures which might involve him trying out the benefits of fasting.

Perhaps, we could blame it on the “woke” and evolving society or on the realisation that pleasing a man goes beyond food.


There are exceptions. There are meals that make a man a customer for life. It wanes his anger and makes him fulfil his “other room” duties as he should.

Food or not, to each man his own!

Re: Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?

By: Gideon |Time : September 19, 2018, 01:56:00 AM
Well,not all men though!... It depends on factors like upbringing of the man,etc because some men do cook and are very good,so can't really think his wife meals will open his heart... Personally,I think I belong to category of those whose hearts are opened through foods....

Re: Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?

By: dayan (M) |Time : September 19, 2018, 04:25:39 AM
This is one of those things that "To each his own" quickly addresses, but ...
when discussing this type of a topic, the only way to approach it honestly is to deal in averages.

What do I mean by "averages"?

Well, a typical example would be to say that almost EVERY WOMAN would appreciate a love gift every once in a while no matter how simple or cheap the gift may be: cards, flowers, money, some other gifts....
Majority of woman would appreciate occasional gifts, even when a lot of other women are totally not concerned about gifts.

In a similar manner, majority of men like for their wives or lovers to cook for them.
In fact A LOT of men only marry women who can cook for them. It doesn't mean that those men can't cook for themselves; it just means that they want to eat foods prepared by the woman they chose to marry, or love.

I've seen a lot of "latter day" attempts to make it look like men who cook are "sexy" and "romantic".
In fact, latter day narrative of romantic men firmly includes cooking as part of skills-set that a romantic man should have.
I just laugh... because the deeper truth is that majority of women in their innermost self, are not quite attracted to men who cook. They feel odd and somewhat threatened or turned off by it.
Cooking has -for thousands of years (at least in Africa) been the preserve of women. And women are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than men in that art on average.
Women are also naturally cleaner than men.
This is an indisputable fact.
If you doubt me, visit the nearest university campus and go to the male and female hostels respectively to check this out.

In the same manner, if you ask a group of average 1000 men and women to cook, there is no question that the women would cook better food than the men. So it is a fact that women are better cooks, just as they are cleaner by nature.

Now, if these are facts, why do some still want to make men "sexy", and "romantic" by foisting a cooking nature on them?
Kind of mischievous...

So, to any woman reading this, hear me loudly...
Your man may like to cook and the like, but most men are NOT like that, and would prefer you to cook for them, because you are better than they in that art. If your man cooks, and it doesn't turn you off sexually (it turns some women off sexually), then good for you. But most men still can't cook as good as women. Most men cannot change just because some men decided to cook. 

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