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Date: August 07, 2020, 09:39:11 AM


Have you ever experienced something you cannot explain?: Random Thoughts : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Have you ever experienced something you cannot explain?

By: dayan (M) |Time : October 03, 2019, 07:49:25 PM
Mine was a dream ...

In this dream, a certain small animal was running from one side of my family house in the village to the other side.

The animal had run halfway, when our family dog rushed to confront it.

The animal was small like  a squirrel but not a squirrel.

The dog caught it and, in an attempt to bite it, swallowed the animal whole.

The next thing that happened baffled me.

The dog fell down and died, while the little animal pierced its stomach, came out, and ran off.

That was the end of the dream ... but that was in fact one side of this intriguing story.

I wasn't even in Africa when I had this dream, so I simply dismissed it.

Then some months passed, and I returned to Nigeria and , to my surprise our family dog was not there.

I asked my family members where the dog was and they said the dog had died.

"How did the dog die?", I inquired.

They said the dog simply died in its cage, and that he (it was a big male Alsatian dog) wasn't sick.

They said they suspected he may have eaten some poison.

Now, how strange is that ???  :o :(

Your turn ...

Re: Have you ever experienced something you cannot explain?

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : October 04, 2019, 11:48:31 AM
Well, mine has nothing to do with a dream... No dog either...

Well, I'm not going to state when this happened but it sure did. It happened to me.

So one of those days I was fantasizing about getting laid - I thought my luck changed when a girl (my friend) visited while I was home alone. You're damn right, my mind was cooking up a lot of stuffs - but I just didn't know what to do, call me naive.

I was watching sports on TV and she objected, she demanded that I change the station but I wasn't having it so she drew closer and just grabbed the remote control device from my hand. Gosh! I really wanted to watch sports however what I wanted more was to touch her. And deep inside I said, "welcome, opportunity" so we started "dragging" the device - I was getting hot, seriously. It continued for a while and methinks it was obvious we were not thinking about sports or TV Channel or remote any longer.

Then he walked in, someone walked in without knocking on the door. She was on my lap sitting and he walked in - my neighbor's little boy walked in. I was a bit angry with him. I asked whats up, he said he came to greet me. Well, all the excitement kinda subsided. Suddenly I needed fresh air, I went outside and the little boy followed but it wasn't up to five minutes he decided to leave.

I got back inside and despite the fact that the sports programme was over we kept contesting for the remote, well I kinda enjoyed that one until I found myself running from her and guys honestly I didn't know why; is it that I "won" the remote? Was I scared of her? (do I even know right now?). Well I got outside the second time, she locked herself in and threatened not to open the door for me again however two minutes later or thereabout she has opened the door. "Joe, get in there" that's the voice I had from where I was seated and I obliged.

The "fight" resumed, it even escalated as I carried her from the living room to the bedroom - she was light weight. Well, well, well, nothing happened. May be my mind was playing tricks on me, may be I was a chicken, "get out, get out, get out" in my mind. I couldn't do it. I got out the third time. Somehow, I let her go. Or should I say somehow nothing happened. I really wanted it to happen but it just didn't.

How? Why? I can't explain.

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