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Date: March 21, 2019, 07:23:07 PM


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By: goldpeace (M) |Time : August 18, 2016, 02:17:08 AM
Death is not the greatest loss in life,
It is what dies inside of us while we’re still living.
Taking a look at world at a glance, one will almost feel depressed if one sees his counterparts making waves while one is still trying to solve his ways through. On the other hand, one is likely to feel on top of the world if he seems to be progressive more than his counterparts. Even with all fabulous outfits, can one be said to have made it in his life? May be the destitute can easily be recognize as one without impacts.
Lets begin, each man has a lot of gifts and talents buried in him but talent is never enough as John C Maxwell as rightly puts it, therefore, the rest of the job as to the realization of the ideas that evolved from the realization of possessing these talents lies in the hand of the individual. The path to success is rough and has never been smooth, yours will never an exception.
A good number of some our skills and talents are loss to the unfriendly situations we meet on our way to fulfillment and some other we lose to into the hands of detractors and this is the greatest loss in life. What dies inside of us while we are still living is the greatest loss of lifetime. Why not start to develop the talent you have now because it will take to places beyond your imagination.

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