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Date: June 23, 2021, 06:09:18 AM


Southern Governors Are Our Slaves -Fulani Spokesman (Biafran? You NEED To Watch This!): Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Southern Governors Are Our Slaves -Fulani Spokesman (Biafran? You NEED To Watch This!)

By: dayan (M) |Time : May 15, 2021, 12:41:53 AM
Southern Governors Are Our Slaves Fulani Spokesman Insinuates

I had to transcribe out what I consider the meat of the sandwich, the "koko" of the matter.
Isi okwu (in Igbo).

Pay attention to these words below because it may save you from conquest and extinction!

"Southerners make I tell una!

Igbos in particularly make I yarn una!

Say una be Christians, no doubt..

Una don embrace "western civilization", clap for yourself!

Dat one I no get problem...

One man, one wife ehh?

Then, you now add it "family plannig", the one wey you be say, you born one, you born two, like oyibo.

Then dis people wey dey go into your forest - ha ana abu umu ka ewi...

They multiply like this... one man twelve wives with hundred children, ana abu ya like dat .. soon what will happen is that you will become minority in your own land!

Tell me how else dem take over your land. That is the EXACT PLAN!

Now you've heard it, SHARE THIS VIDEO! Expose the wickedness!"

Re: Southern Governors Are Our Slaves -Fulani Spokesman (Biafran? You NEED To Watch This!)

By: dayan (M) |Time : May 15, 2021, 01:10:40 AM
I have always argued here in this forum that Ndigbo need to revisit the colonial culture they inherited if they want to survive the jungle that Nigeria is.
The same advice should go to other non-Igbo Biafrans, or Eastern Nigerians.
The Westerners (Yoruba) are better oriented in this particular issue than the Easterners.

I will share short real life instance:

A certain Igbo man I know shared an uncomfortable truth about the demographics of his extended family.
He comes from a family of 4 male and 3 female siblings.

He then lamented that all of them 4 male siblings have not been able to produce 4 MALE children. They have only produced three male children between all of them!

He wondered how their father could produce more male children than all his 4 sons combined!

So, in essence, this is what is happening to a lot of Igbo and Eastern families.

Not saying that female children don't matter, but the female children don't stay. They marry and LEAVE (are lost essentially to the family/nation, per Igbo culture).

Methinks that, having come to a higher knowledge of the truth (I used to be clueless ), the most foolish thing Igbo men do these days has been to practice monogamy. You can be "civilized" or "go to church" or "be a Christian" all you like, if you cannot genetically continue, you are a CONQUERED race.

The current Fulani war of conquest going on in Nigeria has tactical and strategic parts.

The tactical part has been whereby the Buhari "federal" government of Nigeria has been sponsoring, arming and giving military cover to the Fulani to kill, rape (why rape? Because they replace your gene with theirs!), and sack non-Fulani from their lands.


There is no "born again" in a land that has been ethnically cleansed and replaced by Fulani MUSLIMS.

KEEP THIS IN MIND and stop restraining your reproductive abilities.

The strategic part of the Fulani war of conquest is to OUT-BREED YOU.

Stop sleeping and get to work!

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