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Date: October 30, 2020, 02:11:10 AM


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Our position

By: y0ifcf (M) |Time : July 02, 2016, 03:09:27 AM believes that Nigeria can only attain sustained growth, peace, and greatness if restructured substantially to accommodate the political

interests of all ethnic groups within the country.

For over 50 years, the country experimented with nearly all systems of government, from parliamentary system to military rule, to presidential system.

In each system, corruption remained an intractable problem, but, scratching the surface reveals more consequential and deeply embedded problems:

tribalism, ethnocentrism, religious and sectional chauvinism, nepotism, and everything else that signal a country at war with itself.

Within the first seven years of Nigeria's independence there was a political meltdown that led to two military coups and a bloody civil war which claimed

the lives of about 3 million people.

From the end of the civil war to the present, the true issues that led to the first coup and the civil war remain unaddressed. Political conferences convened

to address those problems were all frustrated and, in some cases, their recommendations irresponsibly shelved.

Today, the national political atmosphere feels very much like pre-1966 but with a different threat overture, given that there are currently two armed

insurgencies facing Nigeria from the north and the south.

An influential blogger and owner of one of Nigeria's top online news commentary platforms argued in one of his posts that it was better for thousands to

be killed in Nigeria, every year, than for Nigeria to face another war. As far as he is concerned Nigeria's fate is binary -either a bloody civil war, or an annual

national ritual of death by the thousands.

It is deeply depressing that supposedly smart Nigerians can maintain such nihilistic binary view of Nigeria, and would accommodate the deaths of

thousands of innocent people annually -indefinitely- than for there to be a courageous attempt at solving Nigeria's problems once and for all through

honorable and patriotic peaceful means. believes that Nigeria's fate is not binary. It is only binary in the twisted minds of those who feed on the blood and carcasses of innocent

Nigerians every year.

Every lover of the Nigerian nation knows that Nigeria cannot survive another civil war, hence anyone remotely envisaging such a scenario must hate

Nigeria. Since Nigerian elite have failed to solve the problem, a possible solution may be to draw the attention of civilized democratic nations of the world,

asking them to bear down on those bent on mass murder in Nigeria- those who would rather kill thousands of Nigerians year after year than restructure

the country for stability and peace.

These are the same people who threaten war at the mention of “restructuring” or “resource control”. They must be made to see the foolery,

non-patriotism, and irresponsibility of their position, and must be warned that they will be held accountable should they foist another civil war on Nigeria.

It is our opinion that Nigeria's greatness lies in her being restructured. We can copy older democracies like the UK, with semi-autonomous nations within

the “Great Nigeria” nation.

Our nation is coming apart at the seams- fast- and only true lovers of Nigeria can see the wisdom of this position.

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