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Date: January 27, 2020, 12:15:00 AM


Nigeria and Herdsmen: The Ingenuity of Incredibility : Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Nigeria and Herdsmen: The Ingenuity of Incredibility

By: dayan (M) |Time : July 26, 2019, 10:31:10 PM
Most Nigerians cannot believe the state of things in Nigeria today, particularly with regards to the Fulani herdsmen issue. The reason for that is because not many saw it coming.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the situation whereby armed herdsmen are roaming freely with assault riffles all over Nigeria, while Nigerians with legitimate hunting guns are being asked to surrender their guns through an executive order.

Today, the herdsmen are in places where they have been asked not to go, and they are staying there confident that nothing would happen.
In a textbook case, the herdsmen entered a community in Ohaji/Egbema in Imo state, and when the locals accosted them asking them to leave, the herdsmen released some shots from their AK-47s into the air and the locals fled for safety.

As far as I can tell, the herdsmen are still there (would like to be corrected if otherwise).
I don’t want to waste time and space here citing similar (and in some instances worse) cases all over Nigeria. And these are known to all Nigerians.

What I want to share here is an analogy that I believe captures the whole issue and demonstrates exactly what is happening.

The analogy (or allegory if you like) goes like this:

A certain rich man aged 59 years old (Nigeria) has many wives. The wives live in different parts of the man’s vast compound. The man’s wives are diverse: young, old, tall, short, light complexioned, dark complexioned, etc (you get the picture).
Then one day, a certain 16 old student started to visit the man’s wives one by one, alternately.

On the student’s first visit, a wife pitied the “poor student” and offered him water while he walked by.

On the student’s second visit, she offered him food and water, and allowed him to stay for about one hour and sent him on his way.

The student repeated the visit … say the fifth time, and the wife decided to allow him to sleep over and continue with his journey the next day.

At this point, news gets to the rich man that one of his wives (say the 45 year old “mama Johnson”) allowed a strange 16 yr old boy to pass the night in her house. The rich man naturally laughs off the whole thing and tells the messenger that brought the news “what can a 16 yr old boy do to me or my wife? Abegi leave matta!”

But then something dramatic starts to happen. The same boy now does the same thing with another wife, and this time, he goes to bring along some of his teenage friends to “share” the man’s wives in their minds and go in to them, one by one, doing exactly the same thing: eating, drinking, and doing whatever else the wives offer. 
And as they do this, the wives reveal certain things about the family that should not be revealed, except to people close to their hearts. And these “school boys” are even closer in certain sense than the husband of the house, except that the husband is clueless.

Again “intelligence” gets to the man of the house about these boys, and the man sits down, and says to himself, “what can these ‘kids’ do to me really?” He laughs and forgets about the whole thing.

But then, at some point, certain things started to happen.

Some of the wives that resisted the students advances started to get raped by the students who used guns to intimidate and subdue them.

Again, the rich old husband gets the news that some of his wives are being raped by “mere boys”, he thinks to himself again, “just one phone call to the IG of police, and these ‘kids’ will go to jail”, and he thinks to himself again “these are just boys playing pranks”.

But, he forgets that they just raped his 50 year old wife. Incredible, but happened!
He still does nothing.

Then one day, the man decides to visit and pass the night with one of his wives.
And on this visit, he finds one of the “boys” on top of his wife!
The boy pulls a gun at him, and asks him to leave if he wants to live.
He leaves the premises in fear. Now he is confused and frightened.

The next day he calls for a meeting with the boys to discuss how to  ease them out of his premises.
The “students” tell him point blank that they are NOT going anywhere, and dared him to do his worst.

To the man, these are mere “miscreants”, “mere kids”, “mere truants”, and he would “resolve” and “reconcile” with them using diplomacy and education. They would leave in time, peacefully of course.

To the students, the man is an old fool who didn’t know how “sweet” his wives are in bed.
They must kill him to take over his household because he is not intelligent enough to understand what he has, and so must be dispossessed of his household.

This is where things stand now … in Nigeria.

What is the chance that these “students” will leave this man’s compound peacefully?

This is what I call the “ingenuity of incredibility”.
The whole thing is so ridiculous and incredible, and yet, it is unfolding right before our eyes!

The genius in the idea is that it would not be believed by the victims, until too late.

Even today, I still see “educated people”, “technocrats”, “diplomats”, “statesmen”, and all manner of “civilized patriotic Nigerians” deceiving the people, claiming that this can be resolved without fisticuffs.

But methinks that the only way to avoid fisticuffs in the matter at this stage is for there to be a credible threat of force.
A rapist will not stop raping a woman whose “goods are sweet” without a man threatening him to stop or else …
There are no other ways. These are FACTS!
Lets face them, rather than deceive people.


Re: Nigeria and Herdsmen: The Ingenuity of Incredibility

By: dayan (M) |Time : July 27, 2019, 04:58:54 AM
This allegory is pure genius and captures the meat of the sandwich.
Could have added that the "students" are related to the IG (or some other power) in the analogy, but the point is moot, because it is left to the husband of the house to deal with the students and whoever is backing them.
It is the husband's duty to protect his wives (and of course his household) -AT ANY COST.
What matters is that credible steps are taken to stop the students. 
Denial and cluelessness will not resolve the problem.

Re: Nigeria and Herdsmen: The Ingenuity of Incredibility

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : July 27, 2019, 06:20:19 PM
I like the story, but the old man here should have been painted as one of the relative of the boys.

Re: Nigeria and Herdsmen: The Ingenuity of Incredibility

By: dayan (M) |Time : July 27, 2019, 06:51:30 PM
I like the story, but the old man here should have been painted as one of the relative of the boys.

Well, the point about whether the old man is related to the boys is debatable, after-all which nephew would go about sleeping with his uncle's wives, raping some, and threatening to kill the uncle if he intervened?
But that point is really moot, because it changes none of the dynamics of the situation.
The rampaging boys won't stop until stopped by force -whether relatives or not.
That is the point.

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