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Date: September 29, 2020, 09:49:37 PM


Killing of Igbo Youths: PDP Senate caucus, Ohanaeze youths, ASETU call for judicial panel of inquiry: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Killing of Igbo Youths: PDP Senate caucus, Ohanaeze youths, ASETU call for judicial panel of inquiry

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 26, 2020, 03:28:56 PM
THE Senate Caucus of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP;  Ohanaeze Youths and Association of South East Town Unions, ASETU,  have called for the the immediate setting up of a judicial panel of inquiry into the  killings last Sunday, of Igbo  youths at Emene, Enugu State by security operatives.

According to  the PDP Caucus, the judicial panel would help to unravel the truth in the  assertions of   the security agents and other groups on what really happened.

In a statement yesterday in Abuja by the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, PDP, Abia South, PDP Caucus also condemned the  act  in strong terms,  saying the constancy of the killings has given room to wide suspicion of a sinister motive.

He has also warned that the labelling of every Igbo group as terrorists and the incessant killings of her youths by the security operatives have become one too many and is no longer acceptable to our people.

Abaribe  in  a statement by his Media Adviser, Uchenna Awom,  joined other groups to demand for the setting up of a Judicial Panel of Inquiry by the Governor of Enugu State, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi urgently.

Senator Abaribe in condemning the killings, said that it is disheartening that security operatives seem to derive pleasure  at any slight whim to  unleash  mayhem,  using the most lethal weapons against unarmed Igbo youths at every turn.

Abaribe who noted that such unsavory, brutal and hateful resort to extreme  repression  demean Nigeria’s democratic ethos and even questions her unity, said: “We are in a democracy where every agency of government, particularly the security apparatchik  must adhere strictly to rules of engagement with regards to dealings with the civil populace in such a manner that will be in conformity with international best practices.

“The last time I checked, Nigerians still enjoy freedom to  associate freely. Nobody has told us that the Igbo youths meeting last Sunday was a gathering meant to launch attack on anybody. Who will they  attack and for what? What  informed the police and DSS deployment to the venue of the meeting?

“Incontrovertible reports suggest very strongly that the killings were ignited when the  security operatives stormed the venue of that peaceful meeting, not that the youths marched to anywhere to attack anybody. These are the issues that should be addressed at the panel.”

The Minority Leader further said it is even most worrisome that the people will no longer gather peacefully in their own country without being dispersed forcefully or being branded terrorists  for no just cause.

Abaribe said  he would not want to believe that the labelling of every Igbo youth group as a terrorist organisation is a cover to achieve a predetermined plot.

He said: “Let it not be that we now have an army of occupation in  the southeast, working clandestinely to create  fears  and  state of anomie in a region that has remained perhaps the most peaceful in the country.”

The Minority Leader however advised the youths to remain calm and not to resort to any form of reprisals, or succumb to provocations that could tempt them to take laws into their own hands, while “we await the official reaction of the Enugu State governor on the matter.”

Ohanaeze youths call for panel inquiry into attack

Similarly, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth wing yesterday, frowned over what it described as unwarranted attack on the IPOB members and called on the South East governors and other notable Igbo leaders to intervene  to avoid a repeat of such attack.

Ohanaeze youth wing however appealed to IPOB members not to plan any retaliatory action.

Ohanaeze youths in their statement signed  by National Deputy President, Dr. Kingsley Dozie and the National Publicity Secretary, Chief Osmond Nkeoma, condemned the attack on IPOB  members, saying that it was a provocative scenario and attempt to instigate civil unrest and disobedience in Igbo land.

“We condemn vehemently, the spillage of innocent Igbo blood in Igbo land under any guise and we definitely will not tolerate any form of  intimidation from any quarters. We urge Igbo governors and every well meaning Igbo man to intervene immediately as there might be  reprisal attacks from both sides if there’s no quick intervention.

“We equally appeal to our brothers to resist any temptation to fight back as there are a lot of traps from enemies of Ndigbo”.

We’re worried —ASETU

In its reaction, the Association of South East Town Unions, ASETU, condemned the attack, saying that the union was deeply worried over the gory images and videos of the bodies of unarmed civilians. ASETU also called on the federal government to quickly set up a judicial panel of enquiry to unearth the immediate and  remote causes of the incident.

“We condemn the killing of unarmed civilians on Sunday in Enugu; security forces must observe rules of engagement”.

Signed by the National President, Chief Emeka Diwe and the National Secretary, Hon. Gideon Adikwuru, ASETU said: “We are deeply worried over the gory images and videos of the bodies of unarmed civilians, alleged to be members of pro-Biafra groups, reportedly shot dead by security agencies and littering the streets of Emene in Enugu State.

“Whatever their offences might have been, we insist that a republic, to which Nigeria lays claims, must be  run on the basis of law and constitutionalism and the law enforcement agencies must at all times respect the rights of the citizens and observe rules of engagement.

“It is  further perplexing that despite the deafening hues and cries from our people over the killings, rape, destruction and havoc levied on us by Fulani herdsmen, there has never been any clash between the herdsmen and security agencies, neither have the agencies demonstrated any seriousness in tackling the problem.

“No progressive nation thrives on double standards and injustice. We reject completely the killing of Igbo people, no matter the pretext or guise  under which it occurs. Nigeria is currently engulfed in countless security challenges. These same security agencies, who have now found the temerity, strength and  latitude to murder unarmed citizens in Enugu, have displayed helplessness in containing more vociferous security challenges like the banditry, kidnapping and insurgency in parts of the country.”


Re: Killing of Igbo Youths: PDP Senate caucus, Ohanaeze youths, ASETU call for judicial panel of inq

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 26, 2020, 03:56:01 PM
“We equally appeal to our brothers to resist any temptation to fight back as there are a lot of traps from enemies of Ndigbo”.

This is the usual opinion of "elders" on things like these when they happen, but unfortunately this opinion has been proven to attract more killings by the Nigerian police and their collaborators in Nigeria. FACT.

In Nigeria, the only way to stop police from acts like this is deterrence (.i.e credible threat of force).
Unfortunately, this is the case in Nigeria where there are vastly different judicial cups for different sectional groups in Nigeria. In other climes where justice is served equally, even the people would rise to the defend of police because they know that the police are working for them. In Nigeria, the police works for the Fulani hegemon.

I recall vividly when armed Fulani herdsmen were terrorizing a section of a major road in Delta state.
The herdsmen killed some people, and were still in the forests there.
The herdsmen bluntly refused to release the corpse of their victims.
When the police and army were called to that location , the herdsmen were shouting curses and raining abuses on them, and dared them to enter the forest. The police and army cowardly withdrew and essentially abandoned the people of the area to their fate!

Nigerians have shouted themselves hoarse over the last few years over the issue of FULANI terrorist herdsmen killings and rapes in areas totally alien to them historically in Nigeria.
The Nigerian police, DSS, army and others ALWAYS turn a blind eye to these crimes.

I also recall around last month when the governor of Borno state Gov Zulum was wondering how the presence of only 5 Boko Haram terrorists could lead to hundreds of soldiers fleeing from a Borno local government area.
The governor threatened to organize civilian JTF and local hunters to flush out the terrorists from the area.

That is the history of the same security forces that went to kill UNARMED youths who where assembled in an area.
The Nigerian constitution (ON PAPER) guarantees freedom of movement and association, belief, and holding of opinions.
But under the Buhari regime, Nigerians are being killed, and rogue Fulani terrorists are being unleashed throughout Nigeria to the acquiescence of the Buhari regime.

The people doing these provocations in Eastern Nigeria have an agenda; clearly so.
I watched the commissioner of police in Enugu state conducting a kangaroo public interview of arrested IPOB members and trying his best to put words into their mouths to frame them for acts they are innocent of.

Well, a free advise I would give to the people provoking Eastern Nigerians is to know that the outcome of what they are provoking will shock them and their sponsors (.i.e. it would not end as they hope and plan) and I say this because I'm a careful observer and student of history.

One of the IPOB boys held by the police said something that did not escape my notice.
He said that there were THOUSAND IPOBs in that location. So, the police managed to capture 5 and kill 21?
Okay, what about the other thousands scattered all over Eastern Nigeria, and the 70 million Eastern Nigerians from where millions of more could be drawn into battle should you continue this provocation?
Can you defeat an army of say 5 million which can be raised so easily because you have provoked such a nation/region?

Clearly Nigeria is under the leadership of highly incompetent and highly unintelligent people.

Noting more to add.

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