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Date: October 30, 2020, 02:27:39 PM


It’s silly to say military created Nigeria’s problems — IBB: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


It’s silly to say military created Nigeria’s problems — IBB

By: dayan (M) |Time : October 03, 2020, 12:51:21 AM

Gen Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida(retd), IBB.

Former Military President of Nigeria, Gen Ibrahim Babangida(retd), IBB, has said it was silly to say the military created the country’s problems, as civilians were the ones running the institutions.

IBB, who was at the helm of affairs of the country from 1986 to 1993, said the ministries, parastatals and institutions were run by civilians, so if there are any issues, it would be wrong to say the military created them.

Babangida said this in an interview with Channels TV on Friday night.

He said: “You were there to show us how the civil service operates, how the system works; the institutions of governance. All these are civilians’ prerogative.

“We didn’t create problems. We created the framework for subsequent administration to build on: infrastructure, democracy and free-market economy.

“We were able to capture and bring to our country what the world is doing.”

However, he noted, only a stupid soldier would seize power today, as is currently happening in Mali.

According to him, the world has become smaller and embraced democracy, so “I said stupid because the moment you take over ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN, the Super Powers will come after you with sanctions.”

Babangida said such detractions would not allow a military government function.

Asked why it seems the military regimes in Nigeria built the best and lasting infrastructure in the country, IBB said: “A civilian government has so many stages and politics to contend with.

“But a military government sees a need, such as a road that needs to be constructed and just does it,” IBB added.


Re: It’s silly to say military created Nigeria’s problems — IBB

By: dayan (M) |Time : October 03, 2020, 01:15:23 AM
I agree that the military did not create ALL of Nigeria's problems,( i.e. the problem of a country whose founding document was shredded and replaced by decrees), but I do not agree that the military is totally blameless.

Gowon who destroyed Nigeria's foundation by creating 12 states did so as a military man, by decrees of course.

The military can be a force for good or bad in a country's development of institutional democracy.

Nigeria was unfortunate not to have a neutral military when the problem was created.
Nigeria, post July 1966 coup had a NORTHERN (read Fulani and their sidekicks) dominated military, and they simply started shaping Nigeria in their own sectional image.
And after the civil war, they mistakenly assumed that they "won" a booty. 
The booty was Eastern Nigeria and by extension the rest of the south whose clueless politicians and leaders thought that they were part of the victors.
It took 50 years after the war for it to become obvious to everybody that fought Biafra that they actually were used by the Fulani to capture the country for them. They were in fact "mugus" in this game!
These deeper factors created Nigeria's problems.

Were the military detribalized and de-sectionalized in 1966, Gowon would have simply returned Nigeria to the 1963 constitution, or simply implemented the Aburi Accord. Gowon could not do it because of the sectional bent of the military after July 1966 "counter-coup".

People like IBB merely continued the agenda (perhaps unknowingly) laid down by the Fulani strategists. 

Had there not been a Fulani agenda to capture Nigeria, the military (Obasanjo, obviously goaded by the Fulani) would not have tampered with the recommendation of the constituent assembly that produced the 1979 constitution from which the 1999 constitution was copied.

The tragedy of Nigeria is that somehow every other ethnic group in the military played dead until the Fulani took over the military, and now ride Nigeria like some old prostitute (with little care or attention to her feelings).

Perhaps the collective fear of the Igbo blinded them to what the Fulani was up to, and before they knew it, the game was over.

Nigeria's military is still the only institution that can return Nigeria to her original foundations so that the country can survive and thrive. Doing that would be easier than stopping Nigeria from disintegration under the weight of her current contradictions.

Gowon, a military leader created the problem!

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