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Date: April 20, 2019, 11:55:08 PM


It may be time to merge DSS with the police: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


It may be time to merge DSS with the police

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 07, 2018, 10:43:32 PM
Put appropriately, it may be time for the federal police (I'm hoping that states would start having their own police formations soon) to take over, or absorb the DSS entirely to form a new federal police.

I have never understood why Nigeria, a third world country with HUGE human developmental needs in: Education, Health, Employment, Democracy, etc, would be able to rationalize having a body like the DSS.

If you notice, the DSS tends to get bored most of the time, and in its boredom create work for itself, some of which undermine our aspirations as AFRICANS and FREE PEOPLE.

Nigeria has never been part of any foreign wars apart from peace keeping missions. And therefore the country has no bitter foreign enemies seeking to destroy her. We have covetous foreign associates and partner countries. I cannot think of any country preparing a war with Nigeria.
Therefore why do we need this body that reminds one of countries with bitter foreign enemies?

The DSS I saw in the video was like the masked Russian military that were parading the streets of Crimea prior to the region being taken over by the Russians.
Do we need any of such postulations and projection of power in Nigeria?
For who?
Against who?

The whole thing is analogous to a man who decided to add pit bull dogs to his collection of dogs. The man likes dogs for pet, but Pitt bulls? These are not your ordinary dogs, in fact most owners of Pitt bulls also own guns with which to put them down when they stray
And sometimes Pitt Bulls kill children in the home. Yes they do! That is just their nature. Most normal families don't own them for a reason.

What happened at the National Assembly is just another reminder that we should take a second look at Nigeria's security architecture to make it more democratic/accountable, CIVIL, and AFRICAN.

We cannot lose our freedom, civility, and Africanness just because we want security.

Our police can do whatever jobs the DSS currently does if given such powers and focus.

When we free our federal police from the jobs that is unwieldy  -like fighting ALL crimes in ALL parts of Nigeria - it can actually focus on crimes that happen nationally and also focus on providing the civil intelligence needed to keep Nigeria safe from whatever foreign powers may do to hurt Nigeria. 

This is just my 2 kobo opinion. It is motivated by honesty and patriotism towards Nigeria.
I may be wrong because I don't have all the information.
So treat it as such.

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