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Date: February 29, 2020, 01:07:39 PM


Highlights of Nnamdi Kanu's Speech in Nagoya Japan (Parts Transcribed): Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Highlights of Nnamdi Kanu's Speech in Nagoya Japan (Parts Transcribed)

By: dayan (M) |Time : September 22, 2019, 09:17:36 AM
Key points transcribed:


*The same thing that Japan did for entire Asia in leading development is what Biafra represents for Africa.

*Without the industrial preeminence of Japan, Asia would have remained poor to this day.

*The same example that Japan provided to South Korea, Taiwan and even Thailand is the same example that Biafra wants to provide for Africa.

*Instead of us to have the skyscrappers, underground trains, the surface rails, employment opportunities for all, inventiveness and creativity, we're battling for where cows will sleep at night. That is why we are fighting for Biafra.

*If you have not learned anything from the Japanese, learn two simple things: Self reliance and pride. We are not arrogant. No. We believe in what Biafra can accomplish. Because it is either we are independent or we will spent all our existence emulating failure and mediocrity.


* Remember when I told you that your money in the bank is not safe. People thought I was mad. Are they not stealing your money(in the bank) today?

* I come to Japan to address you. Something that Jubril (Buhari) cannot do. Not in Japan, not in America. Because anyday we get Jubril outside that very zoo, he will regret the day he was born.

* I want to thank some of you here who went in search of Jubril. It sent a very clear message that we are very very serious.

* IPOB all over the world has made it a duty to not only get Biafra in our lifetime, but to make sure that the zoo collapses completely.

* Biafra will work hard to emulate Japan, because the Japanese people have pride in themselves. Other countries beg them to go visiting, because their country is developed and civilized. Nobody deports Japanese; instead they beg Japanese to come into their countries. That is what Biafra is aspiring to be, not a country whose citizens are dying in the deserts and the Mediteranean sea and getting gunned down by coastguards all in effort to escape to Europe. Is that the type of life we had when we were growing up? Is that the type of life you wish for your children? Is that even the type of life you wish on your worst enemy? Why are these things happening to us? Because we are in the zoo. Those that know how to run an economy like Dr M.I. Okpara; like Gov Sam Mbakwe, wiil be running things (in Biafra). It has been done before!


*No governor owing salary will be spared if they are seen outside Nigeria. Gov Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state is owing workers 14 months of salary. Instead of Okezie Ikpeazu to pay the workers, he sacked all of them, and asked them to reapply for their works. Are any of you here (in Japan) ever owed any salary?

*The type of people you have as your leaders (politicians) are your principal problem. They are the main enemies you have. Fulani cabal comes second.

* Some of the people who are not owed any salary in developed countries of Japan, Germany, America, London, are inviting governors who are owing salaries in Nigeria to attend new yam festivals and other events.
Do you know why they are inviting them? So that they will bring along the peoples money to be shared abroad.
Therefore if anybody invite these politicians, we will deal with the person and the people that invited them; because they are evil. They are earning salary, but they are inviting someone who doesn't pay salary back home. What type of a human being are these people? They are evil!


*IPOB is here to fight for everybody and those that cannot fight for themselves. That is why it exists.
They ask us why do we fight for Sowore. I raised the issue of Sowore at EU. I went to the UN and did the same thing.

* You know these "miscreants" are really performing wonders! "Miscreant" is shaking grounds more than professor.(laughter)

* The same people that called us all manner of names, today they are relying on us to save them.

*This generation was created for one purpose only; and that is to restore Biafra.

*Because of the type of governors you have. They know that all the ablebodied men are in foreign lands, the Fulani kept moving cattle down. The village only has grandmothers and old people. Now they are settling in your villages because you are not there.
They are now in our land, and some of you still don't understanding what is happening.
It's either that some us don't go home often, or those you are talking to are deceiving you.
Because RUGA has come into our land. We are fighting them the best way we can. And, as I told the UN, instead of us to allow Fulani settlements in our land, we will all die.
Instead of Fulani settlement to be in our land, this heaven and earth will end.
We do not say that they should not come to trade, or make investments like building a house. But for them to come and want to take our land, rape our mothers, and snatch our daughters, so that tomorrow they will say they have an Emir of Uzo Uwani; after a time, what happened to Yorubas in Kwara will happen to us.
At that point Chukwu Abiama will completely destroy us! It happened to Israel. They left two thousand years ago, and by the time they returned, Jerusalem is now divided such that they cannot even go into the temple mount without war.
One day your grandchildren will ask you where were you and what did you do when these things were happening.
You see a trailer load of almajiri come into your land and you say "o leave them".

Kanu Speaks to IPOB in Nagoya Japan.
(transcribed from video)

Re: Highlights of Nnamdi Kanu's Speech in Nagoya Japan (Parts Transcribed)

By: dayan (M) |Time : September 22, 2019, 09:25:29 AM
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