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Date: February 29, 2020, 02:40:54 PM


Enugu International Airport Politics: What Igbo Can Do About It And Other Similar Matters: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Enugu International Airport Politics: What Igbo Can Do About It And Other Similar Matters

By: dayan (M) |Time : October 09, 2019, 05:04:11 PM
The Enugu International Airport, which has been shut for more than 6 weeks (as of this date of October 8, 2019), is symptomatic of the systemic problems faced by the Igbo in the Nigerian union. 

Ordinarily, the shutting down of just one airport in Eastern Nigeria should not elicit so much anger and suspicion, since other airports in the East are still operating, namely Port Harcourt International Airport and the Calabar international airport.

However, the East was balkanized into “South East” and “South South” beginning from the Gowonian state creation of 1967 and culminating in current geopolitical categorization that essentially put a knife in the middle of the old region.

Policies have been put in place, over the years, to allow for a systematic strangulation of the South East (former Gowonian “East Central State”). The impact however is felt all over the whole old Eastern region, because the South East is the heartbeat of the East. It was a classical divide and conquer move that is still paying huge dividends till today. The architects of the policy can’t believe their luck!

One of dividends of such unspoken policies is the near complete deterioration (or almost decay) of interstate road infrastructure within the old Eastern region: nearly all roads linking up the region, which are federal roads, are in various stages of disrepair and deterioration. Even the roads between South East and North Central that leads to Abuja from the South East is not good. The Enugu -Port Harcourt road is in disrepair, and has since become a kidnapping choke point used by herdsmen recently to kidnap a monarch from that part of the East.

This opinion piece however is not going to dwell on proving the point that the East, ostensibly the South East, is under unspoken policy of systematic strangulation. This piece would also not tow the usual “they are killing us” line which has been the usual refrain by groups like MASSOB and IPOB and even some other Igbo organizations these days, to the embarrassment of the Igbo nation.

A little aside information would help to throw some light on the philosophy propelling the recommendation that would follow at the end of this article. Rather than blame someone else, this philosopher rather blames oneself for abdication of natural responsibilities.

Recently, this writer had the cause to run some of the problems faced by Nigerians (all Nigerians) by some of my “white” friends abroad, to solicit their objective opinions on the matter. 

The first friend (a Jewish person) was discussing the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.
In the discussion, I kept telling her that this same South Africa is a country that Nigeria mortgaged some of her most priced national assets to fight for its liberation from Apartheid. The writer made the case that South Africans have not (since their liberation from Apartheid) ever showed any significant form of appreciation to Nigeria.

The lady simply told me that if Nigeria spent scarce national resources to help free South Africa it meant that Nigerians acted foolishly: her actual words were “you people acted stupidly then … you shouldn’t have used your scarce national resources to help them after-all there is no guarantee of what the future situation would be!”.  End of discussion on that side.

Another friend, a male, upon hearing about how Fulani herdsmen had been going about Nigeria sacking farm settlements and grazing their cattle on farms, said that the situation makes no sense.

What doesn’t make sense to him, is that farmers are busy complaining that they are being killed.

According to him, farmers in developed countries always owned guns to protect their farms, and woe betide any trespasser on those farms. Most farmers in developed countries even keep small armory and mini-army to protect their farms. So, why are Nigerian farmers always complaining of being killed by few nomads who march cattle from thousands of miles away?

He said that the people who should be complaining are the Fulani who, due to their fewer numbers marching cattle in lands to which they are not indigenous, should be feeling threatened.

To him, Nigerian farmers should stop complaining because their complaints make no sense!

Let’s just say that what my “white friends” told me somehow reset my brains about what these problems are, and how a sane person should be looking at it.

Why shouldn’t I consider their opinion, after-all Nigeria has no electricity and runs a deliberate primitive policy of containment that keeps down the economy of about 1/3 of the country, by design.

No “white country” would do such a brainless thing to a section of itself just to “contain” that part. Rather than do such, they would conduct referendum in that part.

The European Union today is a union populated by former disintegrated republics from central Europe. If a European country stays together, it develops every part of itself evenly. Basic common sense.

In Nigeria, the same people that hate a section of the country the most, and try to strangulate it, would also be the first to vow never to allow a referendum in that part – a mindset that Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB calls the “black man’s subhuman inclinations”.  I don’t agree with his categorization of the black man’s mentality, but I must concede that his conclusions can be very compelling!

So What Should Igbo do then?

In light of the fact that Nigeria has over the years, by design, kept the South East in infrastructural chains, isolation, and subjugation, particularly the infrastructure that would grant Igbo international access like the rest of Nigeria, Ndigbo should take serious steps to get what they want – an economy and infrastructure of their preference.  The Igbo should undertake series of steps to make that happen.

The steps can be multifaceted, but the one I would begin with is one in which the Igbo nation has a comparative advantage regardless of the bile that fuels the “enemies” who want perpetual Igbo subjugation in Nigeria.

There is one tool (weapon if you like) that Igbo have in abundance that nobody can do anything about : HUMAN RESOURCES; disciplined, focused, resourceful, almost universal, human resources.

That human resource pool can be put to immediate use by a new movement, or rebirth of an existing movement, whose aims would be to tap into that huge resource (unrivaled in Africa) to develop Igboland.

So, what exactly is involved?

It involves the creation of a massive Fund in Igboland. The Igbo can, within one year, raise a fund that can rival the entire budget of the federal government.

I ran the numbers… so calm down.

If the Igbo decided today to form a new movement run by those sworn to the deadliest of Igbo oaths of integrity to create and manage such fund as a vehicle to unchain Igbo in Nigeria, it can be done legally.

The only thing really stopping the Igbo, is the fact that wrong people ALWAYS show up to hijack such initiatives.

Many similar ideas before now failed because the wrong people showed up to hijack them. And the initiatives died natural deaths.

For now, with the exception of the IPOB (love them or hate them) there has not really been any other organization in the whole old East with such iron-clad commitment to their goal. It may well be that, in the end, IPOB would be the organization that pulls such feat off, but for now, it may be better that another organization as focused as IPOB should rise to create and manage this fund.

The fund should be a form of investment portfolio whereby all persons who paid into it get lifetime dividends in the years ahead (say after 10 years). The fund should be run according to the best business practices, and be involved in concessionaire kind of public infrastructure business. 
The Igbo have MANY world class professionals scattered all over the world that can run the business properly.

The fund’s sole goal would be to make Igbo dependence on the federal government of Nigeria a thing of the past, at least as far as money matters are concerned. If Ndigbo want something, they simply buy it. End of discussion.

Remember that I said I ran the numbers.

If Igbo decide that every Igbo adult person should pay (invest really) N200,000 in one given year to this “Igbo Salvation Fund”, and assuming an Igbo worldwide adult population of 30 million (persons above say 24 years); suddenly you raise N6 TRILLION in one year as a one-time event.

I believe that if you challenge any Igbo adult of 24 years and above to come up with N200,000 in one year, somehow that money will come out.

Suddenly you create a MASSIVE $17 to $20 BILLION in Igboland. Now, tell me why can’t Igbo build WORLD CLASS international airports (the likes you’d find in first world countries)?

And if the Igbo want, such fund raising can happen a few more times to create the desired money. Igbo can raise up to $100 BILLION in 10 years if need be. 

This would put a permanent seal on “oil money” shared in Abuja. It would also unite the East in unprecedented ways.

Suddenly, you find that even those who hate Igbo with bile would reckon that it is wiser for them to make money legitimately working with Igbo than hating unreasonably. The possibilities are LIMITLESS!

This would bring a permanent end to the moans and complaints coming from the East.

Even if this idea never gets implemented, the fact remains that the Igbo nation is NOT a weak nation by a long shot. What has happened is that the wrong people have been in charge of Eastern affairs for far too long.

We have leaders today whose thinking faculty, sobriety, or even sanity, can legitimately be questioned.

We have leaders who bring unimaginable shame to the Igbo nation through their craven and cowardly disposition towards sworn enemies of Ndigbo.

The other day, I watched a Youtube video where governor Obiano of Anambra state was saying that the “deal” he reached with Fulani herdsmen who kill Anambra citizens in their farms is for them to pay N500,000 for each death.

He said it in a way that normalizes the idea, as if the value of a human life in Igboland is N500,000.
He said it as if to say he made a good deal!

This is the same Igbo person that can raise N200,000 in just one year; this governor wants to accept N500,000 for such a life?

What did this governor smoke before making that statement?

How can just a few years in office skew the brains of a man who stamped out kidnapping in the same Anambra state (when it was done by Igbos) to now essentially normalize Fulani herdsmen criminal proclivities, some of which now include the kidnap business?
Beats my imagination!

What does the Fulani have on Obiano that made him to develop a twisted brain to the extent of muttering words that amounted to ABOMINATION (NNUKWU ARU!) in Igboland?

In Igboland, a life can only be paid for by ANOTHER LIFE. That is the tradition; this is the cosmology of the Igbo people.  It may appear “Israelite-like” but that is who they are!

Anything else desecrates the land and brings curses upon generations!

Anyway, the Obiano thing will be discussed another time…

For now, Ndigbo should know that they have something that no human being can take from them, and that is the human resources (a hardworking, disciplined, focused, spread-worldwide, and enterprising population) given to them by God.

If they design a clever strategy to activate that human resource machine, they won’t need to fire a single shot and they would get everything they need in Nigeria.

All that is required for the idea recommended here to materialize is an awakening on the part of Igbo people, and this writer believes that such awakening has already began with the Ekweremadu Nuremberg event.

I personally believe that such a “restructured” Nigeria would be better for the Igbo nation than secession.

-Dayan (

Re: Enugu International Airport Politics: What Igbo Can Do About It And Other Similar Matters

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : October 10, 2019, 01:10:32 PM
This matter is truly sensitive, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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