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Date: February 18, 2020, 07:22:06 AM


Ekweremadu tackles Nnamdi Kanu: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Ekweremadu tackles Nnamdi Kanu

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 20, 2019, 07:11:23 AM
•Attackers’ll face German law –Embassy


Magnus Eze, Enugu and Fred Itua, Abuja

Former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday, tackled the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, describing him as an ingrate.

Ekweremadu who arrived Abuja to a rousing welcome by his supporters, also revealed that he was unruffled by the attack on him by members of IPOB in Nuremberg, Germany at the weekend.

Ekweremadu advised Nigerians, including Igbo leaders, to feel free to travel to any part of the world they wished to, maintaining that the attitude of his assailants did not represent the dispositions and behaviour of Nigerians in the diaspora.

“I think they were just people who were misdirected and misguided. I had the feeling they were under the influence of alcohol. They don’t represent the feelings of our people. There is nothing to worry about.

The organisers, the Igbo in Germany, have written a letter apologising for what happened. Everybody is free to go anywhere because those ones don’t represent the behaviour of Nigerians abroad.

“For me, I have moved on. The government and authorities of Germany are free to do whatever they wish about it.”

He maintained that he had no regrets speaking  for justice for Ndigbo and helping to facilitate Kanu’s release, insisting that he believed in justice for all irrespective of tribe, religion or region.

“I have always spoken out on matters that concern Nigerians no matter where they come from. I believe in justice for all. It had nothing to do with IPOB,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian embassy in Germany has said the attackers will be prosecuted under German laws.

Under German laws, physical assaults are punishable by fines or imprisonments of up to 10 years, depending on the gravity.

In a press statement, yesterday, the embassy of Nigeria in Berlin said the threat level of the event had been classified as “minimal” by the German police, hence the lack of security personnel at the event.

Members of the Ndigbo Germany (N.I.G), the umbrella union of the Igbo resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, have tendered unreserved apology to the former deputy Senate president.

They also appealed to the National Assembly to forgive them for the embarrassment caused a ranking senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Coordinator, Ndi-Igbo Germany, Oge Ozofor, in a statement, regretted that some hoodlums attempted to disrupt a well-thought out programme, designed to encourage foreign investment and industrialisation of Igboland, by providing a platform for Ndigbo in Diaspora to network and engage the German business community.

“No words can describe our shock, consternation, and sadness at this inexcusable, shameful and senseless attack. We apologise from the depths of our hearts that you had to experience such a horrible thing here in our midst. This is not how we are here. Please do not hold this incident against the 99 per cent law abiding Umu-Igbo in Germany. Our apologies go to Ohaneze Ndigbo and to all well-meaning Igbo-Diasporan groups and associations both at home and abroad for this disgrace.”


Re: Ekweremadu tackles Nnamdi Kanu

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 20, 2019, 07:16:19 AM
Okay, this issue is very epochal in nature, and should be treated with all honesty that it requires.
This is not time for speaking from both sides of the mouth.
Anybody who cannot even speak the truth on issues like this, does not deserve to have the following: 24/7 electricity, potable water, healthcare, security, good schools, or any other millions of amenities and public utilities that litter the first world countries where Nigerian leaders keep their loot and send their families.

So, here we go!

Re: Ekweremadu tackles Nnamdi Kanu

By: dayan (M) |Time : August 20, 2019, 07:42:10 AM
Firstly, I read somewhere that those who attacked Sen Ekweremadu in Nuremberg Germany where paid political opponents of his, who want to scuttle his chances for 2023 presidential elections. That cannot be true, and I will give my reasons ...

I'm not a member of IPOB, but I can use my God-given common sense to know that it was IPOB that did the whole thing. Even Nnamdi Kanu himself has already said much.

So, those who want to insert the politics of 2023 "Igbo presidency" to this issue are liars and desperate people who want to misrepresent what the Igbos truly want for themselves.  They want to paint the Igbo for what they are not.

While interviewing the Ohanaeze president John Nnia Nwodo, Seun Okinbaloye of Channels TV kept asking him whether this would not affect the chances of Igbo presidency in 2023, and Nwodo told him plainly that the Nigerian presidency is NOT Igbo priority, and that restructuring of the country is.
What Nwodo couldn't (or wouldn't) say, however, is that most Igbo youths would rather get Biafra than bother with Nigeria's presidency.
With the massive rigging and violence that represented the 2019 elections, I really doubt that any Igbo would bother to even vote in 2023...

This simple fact is verifiable by going to Youtube video of the Ekweremadu saga in Germany, to see the comments there. There is a 99.99% support by the people there commenting on the video. A lot of them aren't even Igbo, but they supported what IPOB did.

Now, I personally know Ekweremadu, and feel sad that he had to be the scapegoat for the people's anger at the way they are being represented in the national assembly. The anger was not directed at him personally. It was directed at the system, and he happened to be the face of that system.

What, for example, can ANY of the Igbo members of the national assembly show as achievement for Igbo, something the people can point to, in about 20 years of Nigeria's democracy?

Methinks NONE.

The Igbo have a very long history of holding their leaders to account. That they had not done so before now is because Nigeria protects and shields these leaders, which is part of why Igbo youth anger is increasing daily against Nigeria.

So, these are facts.

The good news is that there is a way out, and that is for the leaders who are entrusted with the people's mandate to really start representing the people, or resign if they lack the guts.

I remember a piece I read many years ago titled "The Innocent Victim of An Angry Mob".
This issue reminds me of that, and should make the leaders to redouble their efforts to deliver democracy dividends to the people, and not be complicit in the oppression of their own people.

Nwodo admitted that Igbo youth anger is increasing in Nigeria, and that is honest enough information to those who care to listen.

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