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Date: June 23, 2021, 06:13:04 AM


Dr Fagbemi Alleges Human Sacrifice Within The Nigerian State To Appease Some Deity: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Dr Fagbemi Alleges Human Sacrifice Within The Nigerian State To Appease Some Deity

By: dayan (M) |Time : May 30, 2021, 05:08:37 AM
Dr Ayokunle Fagbemi was interviewed by Maupe Ogun-Yusuf of Channels TV Network
(Start)10:19 -15:03 (End)

We would have posted the interview in full here, but Channels doesn't allow sharing of their Youtube videos.

So, we simply transcribed out relevant parts of this interview below:

Dr. Fagbemi: A number of these individuals that are in public (inaudible) belong to things that demand that they allow some few things to happen. For those of us who have taken the pains to do a thorough study, we've discovered that there have been some convergence and correlation with human sacrifice within the Nigerian state.

Maupe: Human sacrifice? What does that mean?

Dr. Fagbemi: Killing people and taking human blood to "appease some" gods. It is very unfortunate but "such things, people would not want to discuss". But for some of us, we have come to the level that we need to begin to bring this to the fore...

We have what is called the Corona's law. When the killings are perpetrated by criminal actors, what usually happens, you end up having a situation where you have mass funeral; mass burial done on those. And no Corona's inquest was done on those bodies, to determine if actually this and this happened to those bodies.

Maupe: You're suspecting, I mean this is another dimension I have never heard of. 

Dr. Fagbemi: This is another dimension all of us would rather veer off from (gesticulating with hand).
And that is why you discover, that the speed at which they want the mass burial done, its impossible for you to do thorough Corona inquest. Until the law enforcement system and the political class agree and are willing for us to do thorough investigation, and have a closure, so that we can have lessons learned and drawn from such experiences...

Another thing that you'd be able to draw when we are truly following the books truly ... 2006, a Dornier 228 crashed en-route to Obudu. On board that aircraft, we had 8 major generals, 2 brigadiers general, and a lieutenant colonel and others to make 12 senior officers on board.
I'm aware that part of the decision was that we needed to change our travel and logistics protocol, how many generals and high officers of the Nigerian security defense establishment can be allowed to travel in the same equipment.
And so, when last week Friday, exactly one week today we now suddenly lost another equipment, a Beechcraft equipment, how come the protocol of travels allowed for those officers and men to be in the same equipment?
How come, within the space of hours after the incident, the defense information management system declared that it was due weather?
And the manager in charge, the civil aviation authority in charge of the Kaduna international airport said, you heard it in your kitty as Channels; she said was made to understand that it was because there was a weather challenge, that instead of the equipment landing at the military airstrip, that they asked the equipment to divert to the civil aviation airstrip.
Now, no accident investigation bureau inquest had been done. How come we are not willing to really address the issues the way they ought to have been addressed?

Re: Dr Fagbemi Alleges Human Sacrifice Within The Nigerian State To Appease Some Deity

By: dayan (M) |Time : May 30, 2021, 05:22:16 AM
My take:

For years now, I had suspected this, but had no proof whatsoever.

I mean, how come Nigeria allows sustained killings and has been doing so for 6 straight decades post independence? Even mass killings happened in Nigeria in 1945 and 1953, before independence.

Something just didn't add up, at all...

If you have the spirit of God in you, and are actually a child of God, there is NO WAY you would pray for this Nigeria. NO WAY.

Absolutely no way, because, when last I tried it, something didn't quite add up. In fact the spirit of God in me warned me never to try it again if I still valued my anointing and relationship with the Most High.

It felt odd spiritually, and at a point I stopped trying to see with my eyes, and decided to use my spiritual eyes instead (walk by faith rather than by sight) ... and then I "saw" it!

You may call it my own awakening moment, but after that, I knew that anybody praying for Nigeria ( continuation of this dark authority) was praying to Satan.

All these so called "men of God" praying and wanting a continuation of this system, now you know who they are really praying to.

How many countries do you know where hundreds of HUMANS die daily and thousands of HUMANS die yearly, and yet you would not see the news outside of Nigeria, except through citizen journalists and social media?

Think about that.

I saw Nigeria in my vision, and the document that represented its founding certificate was dark red in color.
That dark red color represents human blood sacrificed to sustain the state.

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