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Date: July 23, 2021, 07:54:52 PM


Buhari Doesn’t Invest On Youths But Calls Them Lazy – Cross River Speaker: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Buhari Doesn’t Invest On Youths But Calls Them Lazy – Cross River Speaker

By: Adenosine (M) |Time : April 24, 2018, 09:18:27 AM

The Speaker of the Cross River State of House of Assembly, Mr John Gaul-Lebo has said that President Muhamadu Buhari’s led government has no technological investment for the youths in Nigeria.

The Speaker, who spoke to DAILY POST, regretted that the government, whose officials benefited a lot from other governments, cannot provide young people with basic amenities which can turn round their fortunes and values.

“We have a government that cannot invest technologically for the youths. How much have they invested in technology, in internet back bone, so that young men can strive? How many University campuses can you go and find young people using internet and doing researches?

“This is government that does not provide young people with digital revolution. This government does not have intelligence to deal with quality of young people but can only call them lazy youths who want free things.

“I think the basic problem we have is that, it is obvious that most of our leaders who were educated and trained under the era of industrial revolution were only useful for the labour market or work in the industries.

“The kind of government then promised employments to young people but in this digital revolution, a leader who is not basically connected and intellectually sound in this revolution and who is not trained in digital revolution has no capacity to govern in this digital economy, which is the issue now,” he said.

He added that, “We had a program last week, when we did the future of photography; 50 young Cross Riverians on their own, who have never benefited from government, some of them are students, undergraduates in the Universities, doing photography on their own, and did exhibitions, we saw world class exhibitions done by them at Tinapa knowledge city.

“They did presentations for Radio stations, Aircraft, Banks etc on their own without the support of government. You move round the music industries, look at the number of private radio stations in Calabar, they are bigger than Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation, look at the number of DJ, look at the number of young people who are setting up events, you can’t get up and call them lazy.”

“What has happened is that our own generation has failed to provide them with a platform for digital innovation and transformation, so because of that, the opportunity, the public space required is not there, the government has not provided enabling environment for young people to express themselves,” he stated.

“All over the world, American government, for instance, through the internet back bone and the rest has provided enabling environment and created a platform for these youths to excel,” the Speaker stressed.


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