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Date: April 03, 2020, 05:52:45 PM


Breaking: Gov El-Rufai visits Sanusi Lamido in Nasarawa: Politics : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Breaking: Gov El-Rufai visits Sanusi Lamido in Nasarawa

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 13, 2020, 04:52:15 PM

The Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai pays a visit to the dethroned Emir of Kano State, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II.

Sanusi, the 14th Emir of the Kano Emirate was dethroned and banished to Nasarawa State on Monday.


Few hours after his dethronement, the ex-CBN governor was appointed as the Chancellor, Kaduna State University (KASU) and Vice-Chairman, Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency, KADIPA by the Kaduna State governor Nasir El- Rufai


On Friday morning, Gov El-rufai again announced his visit to Sanusi on his verified Twitter page.


Re: Breaking: Gov El-Rufai visits Sanusi Lamido in Nasarawa

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 13, 2020, 04:53:50 PM
This development has finally convinced me of a hunch I've had since Sanusi's dethronement as Emir of Kano.

Next, I shall give a DETAILED analysis of the whole thing ...

Re: Breaking: Gov El-Rufai visits Sanusi Lamido in Nasarawa

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 13, 2020, 05:37:03 PM
My summary of the whole thing is that the Fulani are simply TOO MUCH for Nigeria.  :o

These people are unbelievably intelligent as a group.

I rank their group intelligence (on a scale of 1-100) at about 90% while the nearest next group to them in Nigeria (whom I won't mention because I don't want to deviate) stand at around 45%.
Yes QUOTE ME.  :(

Now to this dethronement issue, here is what I really think is going on...

I think that the whole thing is a "strategic theatre".
It has a geopolitical cum strategic goal: Summarized.

I said that the Fulani, as a group, are far more intelligent than other groups in Nigeria.

What I didn't say is that as individuals (or on individual basis) I believe that any smart Nigerian can piece together the same thing I'm concluding here.

El Rufai is the man that is actually giving light to the whole darkness surrounding Sanusi's dethronement.

This dethronement never made any sense, to me, from the beginning.

Yes, I understand that there may have been a disagreement between Ganduje and Sanusi, but it never made sense to dethrone him.

Sanusi himself, ab initio, never really fitted into the shoes/role of a feudal lord sitting idle in some palace wasting away.

That is NOT typical of Sanusi's character.

He had to be busted out of there somehow to free him to perform his God-given tasks (which he cannot do seated inside that Kano palace). That task will be unveiled in the immediate future.

So, to me, Sanusi had to be "rescued" from that palace.

That is EXACTLY what happened.

The first indicator of this was that Sanusi was very quick to accept his fate/his dethronement.

He quickly advised his followers to sheath their swords, and of course used God's will to justify his position.  :))

Methinks that God is a God of justice and therefore cannot be engaged in injustice.
I'm not saying that God cannot use injustice to actualize a just end. He can.
But when he does, he expects people to still call it by its proper name: injustice!

God routinely used surrounding nations to punish the Israel of old, but he always would declare ahead that he would eventually punish those nations for attacking Israel (his own chosen people). Yes that is God!
So, he would use the nations, attack Israel, and then turn around to punish those nations, according to his word(usually sent through the prophets of old).

What I expected Sanusi to do is to say it to whoever cares to listen that his deposement is unjust and immoral.

After saying it loud and clear, he can then move on, and let God do his thing to his tormentors.

He said nothing of any sort that showed his sense of offence at being oppressed by those who wield the power of coercion.

For that, I believe he is playing the part of a carefully written script.

Now, the next thing that triggered my alarm bells was the banishment to NASSARAWA STATE.
Why Nassarawa, a state almost at the southern tip of the middle belt bordering Benue State next to Southern Nigeria?


Well, it turned out that there is an Emir there. Mind you Emirs in Nigeria are extensions of the Sokoto/Fulani Caliphate.

So, Sanusi is welcomed and hosted (essentially) by an Emir in Nassarawa state.
Notice that he is "allowed to conduct" Muslim prayers in the place.
Suddenly Awe in Nassarawa state looks like any town in Kano or Katsina or Sokoto states!

Nigerians are busy mourning that "our darling Sanusi" has been banished to Nassarawa, and in their minds normalizing and assimilating the concept of Nassarawa as a core Northern/Fulani state -essentially.
Why wasn't he banished to nearby Sokoto, or Kebbi?

In one fell swoop, the Fulani intelligentsia just carved a huge map of Core North and Nigerians aren't even thinking about it!

And then comes El Rufai, a governor that has not stopped ethnic cleansing in Kaduna his own state, to now "save the day" by offering Sanusi succour and job while things evolve.

I LOVE all intelligent people and I'm always attracted to their moves because they excite my own brains and makes life fun!  :))  8)

El Rufai has been the harbinger of Northern strategic thinking/moves in recent times, and he is superior to all his southern counterparts except people like the governors of Oyo state and Ekiti State (in my own assessment).

What El Rufai sees sitting down, none of the people that call themselves "governors" in Eastern Nigeria can even dream of it. FACT.  :(

This is not an insult, it is a simple statement of fact.

My consolation (as an Eastern Nigerian ) is that there are still people like yours truly who see round corners and even behind my back, easily.
It is God's gift.
When God creates a phenomenon in one part of the country, he creates another that also reads and understands that phenomenon in order for equilibrium in creation to subsist.

So, Nigerians, cry not for Sanusi. Rather sit down, focus on the moves, and do not be taken unawares! 8)

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