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Tips To Help Ease Food Aggressive Dogs

By: naijarian (F) |Time : December 13, 2016, 01:24:29 PM
By Dr Mark

1. Make your dog “sit” before you give her the food bowl.

2. Only feed your dog after you have had your dinner. Make sure she knows you are in control of the food and when it is passed out.

3. Stop leaving food down all of the time. This is based on the “pack” theory, similar to the first two tips. If your dog recognizes you as the one who is in control of her meals, she is more likely to respect you as the leader and will no longer be aggressive.

4. Feed twice a day so your dog does not get too hungry between meals. Some food aggression is caused by your dog not knowing when (or even if) her next meal will come along.

5. Put her feed down in a quiet, secure location (like a back porch, not a busy area like the kitchen) so she does not feel threatened. You should leave your dog alone and not even pick up the bowl until she has gone into another room. This may be all that is needed for some dogs.

6. Use counterconditioning techniques to let her get used to your presence. Step up just short of the point where she feels threatened; throw her a special treat (like a piece of baked chicken breast) and then walk away. Do this every day until she associates your approach to her food bowl with the handout of a special treat. Over time she will feel less aggressive and will not mind you coming very close to her bowl. This is a slow method, and needs to be reinforced occasionally, but may help if the other methods listed above are not enough.

If counterconditioning is successful, I have also heard some trainers suggest you take the dog´s bowl away and add treats to it while she is still eating. I think taking the dog´s food bowl away, for any reason, is not a good idea. This is supposed to be another method of making the dog more confident in your control.

7. An alternative food bowl may be helpful. There are a lot of other alternatives that might be more successful so do not buy a bowl and expect it to solve your problems.

This behavior started slowly and has taken a long time to develop. Do not be surprised if it takes a long time to stop.

If your dog is showing other signs of aggression (like protecting her bed or a special toy) then dealing with food aggression may help her. When these methods do not help your dog, I really recommend you consult an animal behaviorist.

Take care of this problem before your dog bites someone.

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