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Date: May 09, 2021, 07:45:29 PM


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Detecting The Flea On Your Dog

By: naijarian (F) |Time : December 31, 2016, 02:53:31 PM
They always say prevention is better than cure. It is best to prevent your dog from having fleas. Fleas are quite tricky and not very detectable and cause great discomfort for your dog.

Dont know any preventive measures? Here goes:

A) Feed Garlic:-
You can use small amounts of garlic as an internal flea preventative.

Now you might be screaming, “No, I’ll hurt my dog!”

Yes, garlic can be harmful if you use really huge amounts (equivalent to 75 cloves of garlic for a 70 lb dog) but garlic is safe to use if you use freshly chopped organic garlic and feed the right amount.

So always use organic fresh whole clove garlic and avoid garlic supplements.

You can safely give your pet ¼ clove of garlic per ten pounds (use regular sized garlic, not jumbo). If your pet weighs less than ten pounds, cut a ¼ clove of garlic in half and give ⅛ clove.

No matter how big your dog is, I prefer not to give more than two cloves of garlic per day. So if you have a hundred pound dog, still give her only two cloves of garlic.

Start feeding garlic one month before the start of flea season and you’ll find it’s an effective deterrent in your flea prevention tool kit.

If you suspect your dog might have fleas despite your best prevention efforts, here’s how you can find out:

Stand your dog on moistened paper towels or a damp white bath towel and brush her.
If little specks of dirt fall onto the towels and turn red or brown, your dog has fleas.

Treating Your Dog For Fleas:-
During an active flea attack, wash your dog with citrus Castile soap each week followed by a final rinse with ACV. For this rinse, use one part vinegar to ten parts water.

Keeping your dog’s coat clean and using a flea comb is essential to natural flea prevention. Comb from top of head to the underside of the tail, neck, underbelly and legs.

Once a week, wash all of your dog’s bedding in hot water with a natural, unscented detergent. If your dog sleeps with you, make sure you throw your own bedding in the washer once a week too.

Each week vaccuum your carpets and floors, paying special attention to any places your dog hangs out (along with his little flea companions). An extra diatomaceous earth carpet treatment or two can also help keep fleas from multiplying.

Because the flea’s entire life cycle, from eggs to larvae to pupae to adults, can be as long as several months, you’ll need to keep repeating these steps to make sure the flea infestation is completely gone.

Living the All Natural Lifestyle takes a special effort especially when it comes to your sweet pooch. With a bit of planning, you can be well on your way to a successful flea-free season without resorting to toxic chemicals.

Ref: dogs naturally magazine.

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