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Date: February 22, 2020, 01:26:12 AM


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Here are the 10 greatest albums made by Nigerian women

By: Gideon |Time : June 21, 2018, 09:39:00 AM
Nigeria's music history, women have played a significant part. Female musicians and singers have contributed greatly to the growth of the music scene.
While there is a tendency to glorify mainly men in the music industry, it is high time we start to praise Nigerian artists for their great contributions.
Today, Pulse Music presents the '10 greatest albums made by Nigerian women'.
This list is in no particular order;
1) African Woman by Onyeka Onwenu (Ayollo Records/1987)
The Elegant Stallion Onyeka Onwenu is perhaps Nigeria's greatest female singer. The former journalist and actress became a household name in the 80s thanks to a steady release of good albums.
While picking out her best effort is no easy task, all arrows point to her 1986 album titled ' One Love '. The album features one of Nigeria's most famous songs ' One Love ', and also the romantic classic ' You & I ' which was revived over a decade later to be the soundtrack of the Nollywood hit movie ' Conspiracy '.
Another great song from this body of work is the disco-influenced, Igbo smash hit 'Bia Nulu'. Oh we can't forget ' Ekwe '.

2) Happy Birthday by Evi Edna Ogholi (Polydor/1988)
In the late 80's, Nigeria was engulfed by Reggae invasion. Standing tall in the midst of the genre's legends such as Ras Kimono , Oritz Wiliki and
Majek Fashek was Evi Edna Ogholi. She was (and still remains) Nigeria's reggae queen.
Her career profile is littered with success after success. Prolific, Evi Edna Ogholi released three albums in two years. Her third album released under Polydor 'Happy Birthday' is one of the most famous albums in Nigeria.
The album featured the classic title track as well as smash tunes such as ' Ririovara (Dry Your Tears) ' and ' Message To The Youth '. Happy Birthday was insanely popular as it was played beyond Nigeria.

3) ASA by Asa (Naive Records/2008)
A decade old, Asa's soulful debut effort still sounds flawless. In a pop crazy and male-dominated scene, Asa bet on herself and created an elegant masterpiece.
The album easily is one of the best albums made by a Nigerian woman. It even transcends gender and genre as it is one of the best albums produced by a Nigerian ever. Asa gave the soul genre a slot in Nigeria's musical place. It is both peerless and timeless.

4) Ever Liked My Person by Christy Essien Igbokwe (Lagos International Records/1981)
Also known as Nigeria's lady of songs, the late Christy Essien Igbokwe has nine albums in her discography. The legendary singer's grandest effort is the album 'Ever Liked My Person'.
Released in 1981 under Lagos International Records, Christy Essien Igbokwe delivered a hot album that boasts of the evergreen ' Seun Rere ', her most famous song. The track itself has come to define her career with those familiar warm horns and emotionally laden voice.

5) Horizon Unlimited by Lijadu Sisters (Afrodisia/1979)
At the golden age of psychedelic rock music in Nigeria you will find The Lijadu Sisters. Made up of identical twins Taiwo and Kehinde, the duo were the Amazons of the counter-cultural, edgy and punk music that stole the scene in the 70s.
Their album Horizon Unlimited is a stellar example of the trippy, psychedelic and rebellious music if their generation. The legacy of that album is the classic song ' Orere Elejigbo ', a delicious song sang in their native Yoruba tongue.
The album, a mix of groovy elements and traditional Yoruba instruments, was released towards the end of the rock era when disco was about to take over. It would be a great parting shot for the movement.

6) Greenland by TY Bello (North Avenue/2008)
TY Bello who was formerly of the gospel crew Kush released her debut album in 2008. The body was an extension of the cool and minty brand of gospel music pushed by Kush .
' The Land is green ' oozed of optimism and positivity while the single ' Ekundayo ' is a classic gospel tune dedicated to the matriarch Mama Janet Ekundayo .

7) Love Nwantinti by Nelly Uchendu (Homzy Records/1976)
Nelly Uchendu released her album in conjunction with Mike Obianwu and it was an instant smash.
The highly-centric Igbo LP was a success thanks to the single 'Love Nwantinti ' The song has survived the times to still remain as one of the evergreen love songs Nigeria has produced.

8) Angeli Mi by Tope Alabi (NPC Records/2007)
Tope Alabi is easily the most prolific Nigerian singer. In a career that has spanned close to two decades, she is the voice behind the soundtracks of hundreds of Yoruba movies. From the early 00s to the late 00s, Tope Alabi virtually sang the soundtrack for almost all the major Yoruba movies.
She has 14 albums to her name and 'Angeli Mi' is her standout body of work. Featuring hit tracks like ‘ Mimo L’Oluwa (Medley) , ‘Nigbati Mo Ro ’ became Gospel hit records in the South-Western part of the country. Tope Alabi's unique way of delivering spiritual Yoruba songs makes her one of the biggest and most consistent gospel singers in the land.

9) I Want To Feel Your Love by Oby Onyioha (Time/1981)
This is an album that highlights the disco craze in Nigeria of the 80s.
Oby Onyioha vocals backed with space synths helped make the album a success in Nigeria. It is one of the best works of the disco genre in the country. Apart from disco, it also had sounds of boogie, funk and soul. Onyioha would not release another album until 2015 when she dropped Heritage.

10) Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed by Queen Salawa Abeni (Leader Records/1976)
Not only did this woman step into the male-dominated scene of Fuji, she ruled the sub-genre wack. Queen Salawa Abeni was a prodigy. She started singing at a very young age.
Her debut album was a tribute to the late military head of state (other sources would state that her debut was an album called Iba Agba).
One thing is sure about her tribute album- Salawa Abeni's style of waka caught on like fire and according to reports, it became the first album by a female artist who sang in Yoruba to sell over a million copies.

Re: Here are the 10 greatest albums made by Nigerian women

By: Gideon |Time : June 21, 2018, 09:58:04 AM
Out of these albums/songs,I like ASA and when I was still a very young child till now,like onyeka onwenu,Christy essien igbokwe and Edna ogholi songs.

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