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Date: April 03, 2020, 06:46:00 PM


To Every Nigerian, This One Question: How Did Boko Haram Kill 50-75 of Our Soldiers?: Military : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


To Every Nigerian, This One Question: How Did Boko Haram Kill 50-75 of Our Soldiers?

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 26, 2020, 06:25:29 AM
Ever since the news broke yesterday about the Boko Haram ambush on our soldiers, this one question has BUGGED my mind non-stop.

HOW did the Boko Haram kill 50 (some say 75) of our soldiers in a single ambush?

Reports have it that the terrorists attacked the vehicles in the military convoy conveying the troops to an offensive against the terror group.

The terrorists apparently used RPGs to attack the vehicles carrying the troops.

However, really applying the mind to (actually thinking about) the scenario, leaves a lot of logic gaps.

Common sense would suggest that between 5 to 10 vehicles were involved. 

How could the whole vehicles be in close proximity of one another to place all of them within the shooting range of the terrorists RPGs?

The much I know about military formations is that they are hardly ever compact. They are usually spread out a little to make this type of hit difficult.

Why I'm going through the task of actually thinking about what happened, is because I have a strong feeling that this was not an ambush as such.
It seems, to me, that this was a tip-off, and that the soldiers simply rode or walked into a very well laid out, preplanned, designated kill zone.

Usually, soldiers would fight back; but this seems more like a slaughter - our soldiers could NOT fight back.
If they fought back, this number would not have died, and some of their colleagues would not have been taken captive.


Reports have it that unknown number of our soldiers were taken captive. Those captured soldiers never come back alive if past experiences are considered; so we might as well be talking about way more dead soldiers here.

Next comes the logical question:


Are we to believe that this was just a lucky hit by the terrorists? How can such happen in a war theatre that the soldiers have mastered after fighting there for years now?
BTW doesn't the army have surveillance drones that fly ahead of them to watch the routes?

Dunno, but this just makes no damn sense!

Keep in mind that this type of ambush has happened several times before.


What is really going on?


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