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Date: June 03, 2020, 07:33:08 PM


Nigerian Army: Time for female commanders: Military : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Nigerian Army: Time for female commanders

By: dayan (M) |Time : November 05, 2017, 08:30:55 PM
The Nigerian military -particularly the army -is perhaps the only institution we have in Nigeria that one can call complete and fully functional.

Our army is even world-class when you look at it from structural perspective. By this I mean that our army is so well laid out in command and control that we can go to bed and sleep soundly without any fears of any foreign invaders.


I tend to look at our army as a mighty building, maybe a hundred storey building with all the foundation properly built, but still kept in first storey stage for now. All it would take for the structure to rise to any heights is simply recruiting more personnel (which Nigeria has in abundance) and acquiring more equipment and we would be good to go against any invader. Yes, our army is that good, and any patriotic Nigerian would be as proud as I am of that army.

However, it keeps shooting itself in the foot as far as relations with Nigerians are concerned.
I initially blamed the politicians who irresponsibly deploy it against civilians, but that blame only goes so far.
Then it suddenly struck me.

Nigerian army has performed excellently in recruitment and training of female soldiers. In fact, I don't recall any other country that extends the same (exact in fact)  recruitment and training procedures to men and women as Nigeria does. From the day they report to recruitment camps, our female soldiers undergo exactly the same physically demanding training as the men. In recent times, the army leadership has moved aggressively in the direction of training both sexes equally, and that represents perhaps the most shinning achievement of the Nigerian army -in my humble opinion. Our military girls just make me very proud anytime I see them in training and in drills. I just love them!

But the army needs to do more for our female soldiers. The army needs to encourage them more by promoting and appointing them to command positions both at operational levels and administrative levels. I have a feeling that if the army does this, cases of soldiers raping civilians will drop drastically.

No female can condone a culture of rape.

The Nigerian army should be delivered from a culture of civilian abuse, be it the practice of manhandling of civilians, or rape and other abuses. This case here is only one of several of such cases reported in the IDP camps. Military the world over is known for rape and misconduct, and that is why deliberate action must be taken to rein it in to ensure that it functions strictly according to the constitution and the criminal codes of the country.

I hereby appeal to the Nigerian military, especially the army, to bear in mind that Nigerians are very proud of it as an institution. We therefore want it to always improve on its public relations bearing in mind that Nigerians feel embarrassed whenever they misbehave.

To understand how much Nigerians value the military, a simple analogy would suffice.

In Nigeria today, if a rich man wants to train his child to acquire the best of education, he sends the child overseas. If a rich man is sick and wants the best treatment, he flies abroad. Nigerians prefer to consume all manner of foreign goods and services. Heck we even prefer the English Premier Leagues to our own!

But, without any doubt whatsoever, Nigerians have confidence in the ability of the Nigerian army to protect Nigeria. We have never been afraid of any foreign invader. This means that Nigerians believe that the military is working at least to its most basic expectations, and this is very obvious.

Appointing female service chiefs will go a long way towards building the bridge of empathy between the civilians and the military in Nigeria. This is because women are mothers as well, and before any mother would allow rape or issue a shoot at sight order against civilians, she would imagine if the victim is one of her own children. Even if we don't want to appoint top level female service chiefs, we should appoint one to lead any branch of the military that interacts with the civilians in Nigeria.

It is time we have our first female GOCs, or other operational service chiefs. 


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