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Date: November 30, 2020, 01:05:00 PM


Florida teacher (40) accused of having sex with teen (15) ‘several hundred times’: Metro : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Florida teacher (40) accused of having sex with teen (15) ‘several hundred times’

By: dayan (M) |Time : December 09, 2019, 09:48:08 AM

A Florida special education teacher was arrested Monday after allegedly having sex with her son’s 15-year-old friend “several hundred times” beginning last year, a report said.

Susan Weddle, 40, and the teen allegedly kicked off their relationship at the woman’s Cantonment home after the two attended her son’s football game and started drinking, according to the Pensacola News Journal, citing an arrest report.

The teen said once he was drunk, he convinced Weddle to have sex with him — even though she told him she knew it was wrong, the report said.

From there, the pair then allegedly had a sexual relationship that lasted more than a year with dalliances at her house, his home, in her car and at the beach.

“Weddle was his first and only sexual partner, and he believed himself to be in love with her,” the arrest report said.

Weddle on Monday resigned from the J.E. Hall Center, where she helped train other teachers as a learning resource specialist, Escambia County School District Superintendent Malcolm Thomas told the paper.

She worked there for 11 months. Before that position, she was a teacher at L.D. McArthur Elementary School, the report said.

Several witnesses came forward to report the pair’s relationship, and in November a high school guidance counselor tipped off the Department of Children and Families.

That witness alerted the counselor about discovering damning text messages between the teen and Weddle.

Another witness, who was hired to pressure wash Weddle’s home in April, alerted the EscambiaCounty Sheriff’s Office that he saw the two kissing.

The witness also told authorities the teen showed him nude photos of Weddle on his phone, according to the arrest report.

Weddle allegedly gifted the teen with an iPhone, necklace, bracelet and other items during the relationship.

Source: New York Post

Re: Florida teacher (40) accused of having sex with teen (15) ‘several hundred times’

By: dayan (M) |Time : December 09, 2019, 10:21:06 AM
The teen said once he was drunk, he convinced Weddle to have sex with him — even though she told him she knew it was wrong, the report said.

Dunno, but I have a mixed feeling about this story.

Yes, I agree that a teenage boy of 15 is a child statutorily (as declared by law), but I have seen enough things in my life, while growing up, to know that some teenage boys are more men than even some 40 year old men.

The only clear problem I blame the woman for is that of being his teacher (and I'm also assuming that the boy is not a special needs boy) , i.e. someone who holds elevated influence or authority over the boy.

My main conflict arises from the fact that it was the boy that convinced the woman to open up to having sex with him. How many teenagers have the guts to do that?
Even drunkenness cannot be enough excuse, if this boy were not already inclined to deviancy of the type that made him have sex with his teacher "several hundred times".

A normal child of that age would have NEVER broached the idea of pressuring his teacher into having sex.

Maybe I'm being too lenient on women as a whole, but still I have a hard time accepting that this boy is a victim in this instance, because he initiated and drove the whole thing through, and could have done the same thing with a girl of his age (as they do A LOT ANYWAY these days! ) which is how we have all these teenage pregnancies.

So, until the teacher's clear culpability is established, i.e. proof of her manipulation or undue influence over the boy is clearly proven, I'm not automatically sold on her crime morally.

Her crimes are statutory and she may go to jail for it, but people should tell their teenage boys to direct their sexual attention to their age mates so as not to put their female teachers in trouble. In some sense I even see her as a victim. Though they are teachers, they are sill females and are still vulnerable to male manipulations, as happened in this case.

Sex like this type tend to start from pity; i.e. the female teacher pitying the "poor boy" who is infatuated with her, and probably saying to herself that "one time alone won't spoil anything" ... until it actually happens, and the teacher finds out that the "poor boy" actually performed better than most men she may have been with, and that is how the banana peel effect comes in, and before she knows it she has slept with the "poor boy" several hundred times!

Again, maybe I'm being too lenient on her because she is a woman, because men are the traditional predators in these type of crimes.
I would have taken a totally different view if it was the female teacher that got this boy drunk and manipulated him into sex. That is not what happened according to the story.

Re: Florida teacher (40) accused of having sex with teen (15) ‘several hundred times’

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : December 11, 2019, 07:13:36 AM
Anyone can be a victim. And I mean that, regardless of age, gender, nationality...

Reading through this piece strengthens my resolve that there's just a thin line between being a hero and becoming a villain...

I have seen firsthand where a JSS 3 female student tried to get a male teacher to get down with her but didn't succeed... Then a new teacher comes and he sleeps with her. I know it's sick to think of a grown man doing the deed with a girl of say 15 but this one can be rated above average when "libido" and stuffs are discussed... In this society, it is the easiest thing to see the girl as victim, someone being taken advantage of... So many will cast stones on the teacher here anyways.

But these are kids, Joe, how can they not be the victims here? Let's talk about the parents of these "victims"... May be they(the kids) have been raised with a consciousness of sex that may be too much to keep under wrap.

If the woman didn't get him drunk... She's only guilty of being older...

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