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Beautiful Colors of Sin 7

By: naijarian (F) |Time : November 06, 2016, 09:29:49 AM
Jamal was the only son of Alhaji Buhari, a wealthy businessman that manufactured Pharmaceutical products. He was in his early thirties, tall and good-looking. After our meeting at his father’s office, he asked for my card. I shrugged but gave it to him and thought nothing of it until he started sending me suggestive text messages.

And soon, Jamal became a regular caller at the bank; he always pestered me for a date which I always turned down until I finally agreed to honor him for a dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Opebi road at Ikeja. Jamal was the kind of person who went around with bodyguards and this always made me so uncomfortable and I told him so. I asked if he was planning to join politics because it was only politicians that went around with so many guards. He smiled and said that it was his dad’s idea but he promised to reduce their number.

It was an evening of a rainy day, and the roads glittered in the beautiful Lagos night. I wore a long dinner gown, slit in the front and a pair of sliver sandal and had my hair swept up in a mini-bun that even my aunt’s husband said I looked beautiful and by the time Jamal came to pick me up, I was overflowing with confidence that I looked good.

Hardly had we settled down to our dinner that Jamal reached for my hand across the table.

“Alice, I’ve been looking forward to this day for a very long time.” he began.

“That’s so interesting,” I said and pulled my hand from his grip. I wondered why I always had to attract these goro – eating people.

“Wallahi, I fell in love with you that day I saw you in my father’s office,” he continued and placed his hand by his side and looked at me across the table.

“Jamal, is this why we are here? I’ve heard enough of it through your numerous text messages.” I said and toyed with my glass of wine.

“Haba, my angel. I really think its love,” he maintained.

“Please stop. You can’t possibly love me. This is the first time we would really have a long conversation. So, please don’t feed me that crap and go straight to the point.” I said as I signaled for the waitress to come over.

“That’s the irony of it. I met a young, pretty, ambitious girl. She caught my fancy and I asked around and was told nice, pleasing things,” Jamal said.

“Oh, so you’ve been asking people about me like I did something wrong? You should work with the police, you know.” I replied stonily and looked levelly at him to see his reaction. The waitress came and took our orders. Jamal asked for another bottle of wine and ice. Seeing the frown on Jamal’s face and I knew what I said had hurt him.

“You don’t understand. I’m not really the kind of girl you would want to go out with.” I began but he interrupted me.

“Are we not here having this wonderful dinner?” he countered. “Let me be the judge of that.”

“Jamal, you do not understand. I am not interested in a married man,” I said and caught the wince. It caught him unawares that I knew of his marital status.

“She was just a phase in my life. I’m Hausa and she has been betrothed to me since we were toddlers.” he said and leaned back with a straight face. “She left me for a rich Arab from Pakistan; she even took my little daughter away.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact that you are a married man.” I said with finality.

“You know what? Let’s just drop this issue. Let’s start as friends. I really have this emotion for you, and if you won’t have me as a lover, at least you can make me your friend. Ok?” Jamal said and raised his glass. I smiled and said that was no problem.

“You are still to think it over though, my friend.”

“Drop it, your highness,” I said and rolled my eyes.

“I like the way you did that, do it again," Jamal said and we burst into laughter. It was a lovely night! I knew deep within me that it was meant to be but I didn’t know how I was going to blend into Jamal’s lifestyle and his stylish friends. I saw myself as a common lady with dead parents and a kinky past. I secretly hoped that Alhaji was not related to Jamal in any way.

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