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Beautiful Colors of Sin 4

By: naijarian (F) |Time : October 18, 2016, 06:01:48 PM
By the second year on campus, a girl started to frequent our room. She was Ronnie Ferguson, Bimbo’s supposed course-mate. Each time this girl visited, Bimbo and Cindy would dress up and go out all night and return the following morning tired and ruffled.
When it first started, Sandra and I thought nothing of it and often ignored them when they came back the following morning. Things started to get out of hand though. They started to go on their weekend escapades and come back drunk and they sometimes vomited all over the room. Sandra would boil with rage but I always cautioned her just to avoid any quarrel. There was a particular day they came back to the room so drunk that they fell asleep on the floor.

Sandra and I had to UnCloth them and lay them on their various beds. It was during the walk to the bed that Bimbo’s bag fell off and its content scattered all over the floor. When Sandra came to pick the things up, she saw bundles of five hundred naira notes in Bimbo’s bag. She called my attention to it but I told her to return the things and mind her business even though in situations like that I knew that minding her business was not something Sandra was good at.

The following morning was a Sunday and as we walked to our Sunday campus fellowship, Sandra asked Bimbo how she got the money in her bag. Bimbo smiled and just walked on. Sandra caught up with her and demanded an answer to her question.
“I’ll tell you when we get back to the hostel,” Bimbo said.

“That is fine by me. I just hope it’s not something that can land us in serious trouble.” Sandra said.

“Oh, I didn’t steal it and it’s neither from the Forum’s purse,” Bimbo answered and smiled. We concentrated on the pastor and left the accusation in the air. After service, Sandra and Bimbo waited behind to talk to some girls. Cindy and I went to the hostel.
By the time they got back to the hostel after the fellowship, Cindy and I were about to eat lunch.

“Can’t you just let it rest?” Bimbo asked as they entered the room. “It’s beginning to annoy me.”

“What is the problem?” Cindy asked as she dished out some rice into a plate for Bimbo.
“I wanted to know where she got such a huge amount of money from,” Sandra said.

“Oh, that! I have more than that,” Cindy said and resumed her seat.

“I thought I told you to forget about that money Sandra?” I asked sternly.

“Okay, you people should sit down and listen very well.” Cindy began but I told her not to bother telling us where and how they got their money because it was not necessary. Sandra looked at me like I was crazy.
“Calm down. We had a plan to tell you anyway,” Bimbo said as she ate. “Sandra was just being too pushy and nosy.

“You will be nosy if you were also in my shoes. How come you have such a huge amount of money?” Sandra said but was interrupted. Cindy wanted her to stop calling a mere fifty thousand naira a large sum of money; she said she had one hundred thousand naira with her. It was then my turn to exclaim.

“One hundred what?! Are you sure it’s not from the Forum’s account?” I asked Cindy, and Bimbo burst into laughter. Cindy asked me if the only way a girl could have one or two hundred thousand naira is when they steal from someone or somewhere.
Sandra answered by saying, “When it is gotten overnight, it becomes suspicious.”
Bimbo smiled in her usual calm way.

“Please stop smiling. This is serious.” Sandra said sternly and stared at Bimbo who just burst into a hearty laugh. It was then that Cindy told us what they did to get the money.
“Runs? What does that mean?” Sandra asked, looking all puzzled.

“It means we date sugar daddies and work hotels,” Cindy explained further.
“Wealthy, fat, pot-bellied, old men with bald heads?” was all Sandra could say. “That is so disgusting.”

“Not all of them are pot-bellied and bald,” Cindy corrected. “In fact, Senator Martins……”
“Senator who? Is that a real senator or someone who just answers to that as a nickname?” I asked.

“He is a real senator of course. He is handsome and really cute. You should meet him. He is the one that gave me the Hundred Thousand Naira.” Cindy concluded.

“You girls are unbelievable!” Sandra interjected and swung her leg over the bed, twisted her neck until it cracked loudly.

“Are you telling us that these married folks you date give you such amount of money?” I asked. It sounded very unreal to me. Cindy answered affirmatively and Bimbo said she had three hundred thousand naira in her bank account. Sandra shook her head and said she really did not envy them because it was their future they were toying with.

“Don’t you feel any remorse sleeping with other people’s husbands?” I asked with all seriousness. “And they would have other girls too?”

“Tufiakwa! God forbid!” Sandra said and snorted noisily, “Lots of diseases and germs circulating.”

It was obvious that Cindy had no intention of making excuses for anything she had done. Bimbo did not look pleased, but she did not look as if she had anything further to say.

“Well, we always insist on using protection. And moreover, we are just their friends. We act for Madams who are incapable of satisfying their husbands’ intimate wants,” Cindy said and lay on her bed, her chin resting on her palm.

“You are just their Friends?” asked Sandra.
“Yes,” Cindy replied.

“I really think it’s no different from prostituting,” Sandra grimaced and made a funny face.

“Of course it is. We don’t go around parading ourselves on the street for those hungry, poverty-ridden men out there. Ronnie made sure we had the best clients.” Cindy countered.

“Did you just say Clients? Is that what you call those irresponsible married men?” Sandra asked and went into the toilet.

At that moment I inexplicably saw flashes of the girls I used to see on the streets when I was a kid. I advised the girls to stop their escapades with those men. It might be sweet now but what about their future?

“What if the man you decide to marry turns out to be related to one of your so called clients?” I asked, facing Bimbo.

Bimbo didn’t answer me. Instead, she turned her back. Cindy said she would drop whoever he is and go for another person. She said she didn’t have to be married to have a happy life or children. I shook my head, lay on my bed and closed my eyes to sleep. Sandra came back in and we all dropped the topic.

From then on each time Bimbo and Cindy went on their rendezvous, Sandra and I just wished them luck and safe return. Sandra became withdrawn after that conversation. I noticed that she was no longer as close to both Bimbo and Cindy as she used to be. She avoided eating with them, using their body creams or sitting on their beds. I asked her why she withdrew and she said she was just being careful. She said her fear was that the ladies could have been infected with some kind of disease by the men they slept with.
I came back one day to find a fuming Sandra in the room. She told me that Bimbo invited her to come with them to one of their mysterious trips so that she could introduce her to an expatriate that was working with an oil company.

“What? Are you serious?” I asked looking all excited and Sandra shook her head, disappointment registered on her face.

“Why are you excited about what I said? I may do a lot of things but would not turn myself into anybody’s bedmate because of money,” countered Sandra. “I’m so disappointed in you. What will the Forum members say when they get to know?”
I reasoned with what she said. I said I was sorry and that I just thought it could make an exciting varsity experience.

“You want an experience that can be disastrous to us if it goes wrong? No, thank you,” Sandra retorted. I shook my head and kept quiet after that.

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