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Top 25 Nigerian Mentality: Jokes! : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (157 views)

Top 25 Nigerian Mentality

By GideonOctober 10, 2016, 01:18:50 PM
1.Every network provider telecommunication masts na MTN own am
2.Every detergent na OMO
3.Every insecticide na Flirt
4.Every seasoning cube na Maggi
5.Every noodle na Indomie
6.Every male with outgrown beard na Alfa
7.Every person with HIV na through sex im get am
8.Every person Wey travel Malaysia na cocaine im go sell
9.Every rich hausa man na Alhaji
10.Every poor hausa man na Northerner (Nowadays Boko Haram)
11.You must buy bread at the motor park whenever going to your village
12.You must be rich when you go overseas (As if they are sharing money on the plane)
13.You must finish your rice before eating the meat
14.Every upcoming artistes go dey say "Its your boy,,, Its your boy" (Please whose boy?)
15.If your wealth start increasing rapidly na through money rituals
16.If your wealth begin dey decrease na your village people dey do you
17.Rice and stew every sunday afternoon I don tire o
18.Pizza delivery are 10 times faster than when you call 999 for emergencies
19.Rain fell heavily and there is no power supply for 3 days,NEPA dey dry wire
20.When you start receiveing disturbing text messages,"Thunder fire all these MTN people" when you are even using Airtel
21.Na only Northerner dey sell suya
22.Every school Wey there pikin dey blow BIG grammar na private school Aaaaa (They don forget say honorable patrick go public o )
23.You failed an exam ("Na dat stupid invigilator"
24.Your tooth got uprooted,throw it on the roof of the house,& run around the house 7 times unless another one no go show
25.You go to church with you BB charger rather than your Bible

Re: Top 25 Nigerian Mentality

By Adenosine (M)October 10, 2016, 07:13:09 PM
 :)) :)) :)) very funny... Buh kinda true

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