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We are Hiring!: Employment : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (209 views)

We are Hiring!

By y0ifcf (M)August 05, 2016, 07:34:50 AM
We are hiring!

Are you a Nigerian?

Are you a social networking bug?

Do you love building online presence?

Do you like commenting on all types of issues affecting Nigeria?

Register and contact “Dayan”

About 100 persons will be hired.

After you register and contact us, we would then send you the employment package/terms by email (this is a confidential process).

An interview follows -this is when we exchange all the questions (you ask us, we ask you).

Then we shake hands ... or not.

We are looking for motivated people, but our employees don't have to do much: just doing what they are already doing free anyway.

But for that, they get paid. Guaranteed monthly income.

We have different positions, so we test your skills and then place you where you would be most useful to us.

Join our winning team today!

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