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Chief Operating Officer

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : May 03, 2018, 07:53:33 AM
Location: Lagos
Reporting to: Managing Director
Job Summary
The Chief Operations Officer (COO) heads
the entire business function of the
company’s Leadership Academy.
The Chief Operations Officer (COO) drives,
creatively designs, and implements effective
training interventions for the Leadership
Institute like the Empower Nigeria Initiative
Summit, delivering on partnerships like the
Leadership Bootcamp with the NSE, the
National Development Strategy Institute and
the Entrepreneurship Institute and Clinic
Job Responsibilities
In conjunction with the Managing Director,
Chief Operations Officer will set a strategic
vision for the Academy.
Plays mentorship role to key personnel in the
training and development department,
ensuring constant development in their
professional skills, and readying them for the
occupation of his position in the event of his
absence or retirement.
Oversees all activities of the department and
identifies the businesses developmental needs
ensuring that there is consistency with core
competencies and goals.
Plans, organizes, and leads training
programs, ensuring proper execution at all
levels of the department.
Ensures consistency in the delivery and
application of training standards across the
business and oversees the planning,
prioritization, and development of new
training programs and initiatives, ensuring
that these programs and initiatives are
consistent with the business overall
strategies, objectives, and needs.
Tasked with an analytical role where he
conducts research, approves, and makes
further recommendations for appropriate
learning management systems and databases.
He additionally develops, implements,
monitors, and maintains both initial and
ongoing training programs across the
Tasked with the maintenance of knowledge in
the training and development department. In
this position, the Director stays up to date
with the latest instructional technologies
through the establishment of personal
networks, attendance of workshops,
reviewing of professional publications, and
participation in professional industry
This way, the COO is able to introduce the
latest and most applicable trends in training
and development for inclusion in the overall
strategy, constantly maintaining and
updating training programs within the
Persons Specification
A degree from a reputable Institution, MBA/
Msc would be an advantage
A candidate for this position must have had
at least 10 years in working experience in a
training and development capacity,
preferably at a senior position such as the
Head of Training and Development or Head
of Programs in a higher institution.
The candidate must also demonstrate
experience in content creation, maintenance
of training processes, and the successful
development of ongoing training and
development programs.
A suitable candidate will also have proven
and successful experience leading a training
institute or academy, leading to the proper
execution of programs, subsequent
improvement of employee performance
across the business, and ultimately the
achievement of the business’s goals by
directing the activities that support multiple
distribution channels.
The candidate will also demonstrate
experience in designing training materials.
A suitable candidate will also have a proven
ability to foster mentoring relationships and
to drive continuous results of lower
department managerial personnel.
Communication Skills:
Communication skills are a must have for this
position, both in written and in verbal form.
As a departmental leader, the clarity of the
COO’s messages and instruction down the
line will determine the performance and
efficiency of junior personnel.
Communication skills will also be a necessity
in enabling efficient and effective cross
functional/collaborative communications and
the proper execution of training programs in
departments across the business.
The COO will also be required to create
training materials and reports, which must be
clear, concise, and understandable.
He will also have an ability to tailor the most
complex messages for different audiences in
a manner that they can understand and
relate to.
The candidate for the position must be highly
proficient in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel,
and PowerPoint, necessary for the creation
of visually and verbally engaging training
materials and reports for senior training and
development management and key
Analytical Skills:
The candidate for this position must possess
strong analytical skills as well as a
demonstrated passion for research, data
analysis, and the insights that are derived
from it.
The candidate for this position must have an
ability to prioritize tasks completing multiple
tasks in a timely manner, be flexible and
welcoming to change, have an ability to work
independently with minimal or no supervision,
and be self-motivated.
He must also be a prompt decision maker, be
a strategic and creative thinker, have
excellent problem-solving skills, have a
positive and easy-going attitude,
demonstrate strong work ethic and integrity,
and demonstrate calmness and composure in
times of uncertainty.
The COO will demonstrate an ability to carry
out analyses on the performance of training
Programs while drawing insights that lead to
their improvement, and formulating lasting
solutions and the development of new
Main Internal & External relationships:
Internal: Administration, Business
Development, Training Faculty, and Finance
External: Distributor, Government,
Customers, Partnerships, and Regulatory
Subject to negotiable and totally dependent on
the skills and ability of the candidate.
How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should
forward their CV’s to:
[email protected] kindly
make the job title subject of the mail
Application Deadline 7th May, 2018.
NB: Only successful candidates will be

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