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Date: June 26, 2019, 07:41:01 PM


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How Stress Contributes To Sweating

By: Gideon |Time : October 11, 2018, 11:19:12 AM
There are a number of things that can cause you to sweat excessively. Unfortunately, not all are in your control. Stress, one of those you can try to control, is responsible for stinky sweat.

There are two types of sweat glands which produce sweat in the body:

Eccrine Gland
The Eccrine gland produces a clear watery fluid when you exercise or you get hot. It is found in most part of the body but is highly concentrated on the forehead, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Apocrine Gland
The Apocrine gland, on the other hand, found in areas abundant with hair follicles and responsible for the stress sweat, produces a milky fluid which naturally does not smell bad but when combined with other bacterial organisms that live on the skin’s surface, produces a stinky smell.

Being stressed out makes you sweat, which gets you worried over sweating, thereby producing more sweat.

Here are some tips to help relieve stress:

Remind yourself to breath: Take a deep long breath, it does wonders.

Consciously relax: Make an effort to relax internally. Being worked up over something stresses you than it gives you a solution to whatever the problem might be.

Have a good laugh: Laughing produces a calming effect which helps to release tension. Do something to make you laugh.

Listen to soothing music: Close your eyes and allow your mind to feel the music, it helps you relax or if you work fine with the music turned on, listen while you work.

Cotton, silk and some other natural fibres that allow the skin to breathe should make for your clothes.

For those of you who do, use deodorants or antiperspirants both during the day and at night. Using it at night helps plug up sweat glands.

Re: How Stress Contributes To Sweating

By: Gideon |Time : October 11, 2018, 11:22:20 AM
It is ideal to relax because stressful situations can lead to sweats breaking out.Listening to soothing music personally has help!..

Re: How Stress Contributes To Sweating

By: princepoint |Time : October 11, 2018, 02:26:47 PM
excess sweat make you dehydrated you need to control it by not getting too stressed out   [ Invalid Attachment ]

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