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Date: November 13, 2018, 07:50:02 PM


How I Was Rescued Of Tooth Problems (true Life Story!): Health : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


How I Was Rescued Of Tooth Problems (true Life Story!)

By: Healthpro360 |Time : July 04, 2018, 01:17:41 PM
I was at the risk of losing another tooth after just extracting my wisdom tooth through a very excruciatingly painful procedure.I was 5 months pregnant, boy I don't know how my baby didn't jump out.

The dentist told me that it was bad and I had to come back a few weeks later to get it checked.I didn't go back because the fear of the dentist is the beginning of wisdom.

I complained to a dentist customer of mine and she adviced that I should visit the dentist and the earlier I fixed the tooth the better as I was at the risk of losing it and having a dropping jaw, as the affected tooth is my Mandible, the tooth that supports my jaw, and when removed my jaw will drop and I will automatically turn to an old woman.I was gripped with fear.

I finally summoned courage to pay my dentist a visit and I first let him know that I wasn't having bleeding gums and toothache anymore as these problems had actually stopped and I wanted to ensure that he wouldn't have to think about removing anything.

He was amazed and asked what I was using all the while.I told him I used nothing except that I switched to a new toothpaste and he requested to see it.

He saw listed on the product that it is Total Protection against these common tooth problems;

✔Bad Breath
✔Bleeding Gums
✔Acid Attack

Long story short, he now uses the toothpaste and recommends it to his customers to protect and daily treat their teeth.

If you have any issues with your tooth and you want to save it from decaying like mine, type "I Want" can send me an inbox message if you are shy☺

Save yourself incessant visits to the dentist and ultimately save your teeth too by using my treatment toothpaste everyday.

PS : The product is also suitable for children, you can protect and save their teeth early.

Yes, my tooth is a monument, 4 years after.I knew that I would tell this story one day�

To order yours Call/Whatsapp 08163884381 / 07019071992

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