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5 common habits that trigger constant headaches: Health : Nigerialog.com - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (47 views)

5 common habits that trigger constant headaches

By GideonAugust 12, 2017, 09:24:52 AM
Headaches are uncomfortable and can temporarily disrupt the entire system.

Headaches are uncomfortable and can temporarily disrupt the entire system.
Headaches can be nudging, throbbing or persistent and it's usually a sign for the body to slow down or a sign of an underlying, sometimes serious health issue.

With headache there is usually something wrong (think of headache as an alarm, trying to get you attention towards something) or about to get worse and they should never be ignored especially when persistent.

If you have headaches often, it's time to look out for everyday triggers and find ways around them:

1. Bright screens
Bright laptops and desktops trigger headache everytime. The light from the screen is known to affect the eyesight and cause incessant headache.

It's best to use medicated glasses when using the laptop or better still have a screen guard/protector installed on the screen to tone down the brightness (which can also be reduced).

2. Dehydration
Dehydration causes headache! Studies show that when the body doesn't get enough moisture needed to function it doesn't and one of the ways it revolts is with a nudging headache.

Sometimes when headache comes, few glasses of water can get it under control when its not a sign of anything serious.

3. Bad feeding pattern
Bad feeding patterns can cause headache. Starving/not eating when due can trigger headaches. Eating to fuel the body usually keeps headaches at bay.

4. Sleep pattern
Not getting enough sleep can cause headaches. An average of 5-6 hours sleep at the very least helps the body refresh and rejuvenate itself.

5. Loud Music/Noise
Blaring loud music over the headphones, staying in a noisy office/environment amongst other things trigger headache. Play music at moderate sound level and plug out of noisy environment or stay away as much as possible.

Re: 5 common habits that trigger constant headaches

By Ramjoe (M)August 13, 2017, 05:54:20 AM
I will work on the ones that concern me...

Good tips, bro!

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