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Date: February 28, 2020, 10:28:26 PM


When Age Makes No Distinct Difference.: When Age Makes No Distinct Difference. : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


When Age Makes No Distinct Difference.

By: naijarian (F) |Time : September 06, 2016, 11:03:58 AM
One way or the other we had been asked some of these questions. The kind of questions that people ask and you feel the urge to give the person a resounding slap or a good shake till teeth rattle.

Are you sure you are old enough to do what you want to do? Aren’t you a bit underage? People older than you had tried it and had failed, ain’t you biting more than you can chew?

So, yes, the bone of contention is the relevance and irrelevance of age. It so happens that a lot of people had withdrawn from excelling or had developed a too big an ego to get things straight.

Age, one way or the other, in different kind of circumstances and situations, has been used as a criterion for doing certain things. At some point, our age will make people read some kind of meaning to our actions. I watched a movie recently where a girl slept with two men because she wanted to prove to her friends that she was old enough to be in their caucus. It so happened that it wasn’t even the kind she was supposed to be in anyways. She had expressed her ability to set her heart to something and get through it, only that it had been the wrong one.

The family had gotten wind of it and they had gone ballistics on her instead of nurturing, they ended up making her explore even the evilest part of her will.

Well, what do you think our extremes should be at any certain age? What are those things that we had done just to spite or to prove a point, instead of using our heads? There are other things we do just for the sake of doing or at times just to spite someone or better still because of a dare.

In sex and relationship, age has a lot of role to play too. You hear people say someone is too old or too young for them to date. What would you say is the right age for me to date comfortably at age 26? A 30 years old man? 50 maybe? Or would you rather think it is extreme if I decide on a 21 year old boy?

As the case maybe however, I have come to realize that a supposedly old man of like 35 years of age will do things like an eighteen years old boy. It is also possible for a 21 year old boy to amaze and challenge your maturity and intelligence. As much as it is generally seen as a reasonable determinant, age is nothing but numbers and a bad excuse.

The intelligence or the true intentions of a man or woman should not be characterized by his or her age.
A young 22 years old lady can do wonders to the development of your organization even when there are lots of older people around as employees.

Age is a very comfortable excuse for people to live a life of no consequences.
 “I’m still young so I don’t have to try too hard.”
“Why do I even bother, it’s not like I can do a better job anyway.”

What you see as reasons, I see as excuses most times. As much as a lot of people recruit due to the applicants' ages, I see it as the start of a foundation that’s shady. The applicant would see it as a right to employment. I’m that young so I fit your criteria, what else is there? When such gets employed and messes up, he shouldn’t be blamed. The expectations that was placed on age as a determining factor is a judgmental decision. After all, they do say that wine gets better with age. Sometimes one just have to look beyond those numbers.

Most times, ignoring the age and searching the heart, exploring and tasking the brain may just provide the best solution to your need. It just so happens that it may just be what you really need.

Explore more, leave age out of it, and see where this leads.

Re: When Age Makes No Distinct Difference.

By: Gideon |Time : September 13, 2016, 01:05:41 PM
Nice points.... Age is just a number.. if an individual who is above 30 yrs of age has a certain personality that relates with youths lifestyle,he is free to mingle and feel belonged to that class of people.... Whole new world to explore out there, so age should not be a prison bond

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