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Date: March 02, 2021, 09:05:46 AM


Rich sugar mummy and daddy and lesbian connection: Rich sugar mummy and daddy and lesbian connection : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Rich sugar mummy and daddy and lesbian connection

By: James lucky |Time : May 19, 2018, 01:44:54 AM
IN NIGERIA Mr Philip All my friends out
there, i will continue 2349066811528 post this message no matter the
time it will cost me. People fail to realize that the evil they
do will surely live with them especially we Nigerians. When
you visit the internet these days, you will be confused. you
won't even know whom to do business with online in Africa
anymore. Almost all sugar mummy agent are scam but the
only one that was able to deliver by introducing me and two
of my friends to a well to do sugar mummy is Mr Philip Am
not a selfish type, his number is 2349066711528 or write him
on I never wanted to tell anybody about mr ben because i
paid him for hooking me up; But i just feel that its better i
make you people aware of whom to trust and do business
with sins people no longer have conscience for their fellow
brothers anymore just because of money. I believe the
reason people go for sugar mummy and daddy is because
they don't have enough and still heartless people still rub
them of their hard earned money, God will surely give them
their reward. The only agent i trust who was able to hook
me and two of my friends to sugar mummies is Mr Philip with
phone number 2349066711528 or write him on Please my
friends out there, don't fall a victim to any scams claiming
agent. If you fall a victim after reading this message, just
call yourself a fool. This is the only sugar mummy agent i
trust because he has delivered and i recommend him for
you_ Mr Philip 2349066711528 or write him on NOTE: Most Of
The Internet Fraudsters Are Now Pretending To Be mr ben
They are using the comment i commented about mr Philip to
defraud you people. This Is The Only Number Mr Philip Uses
2349066711528; ... All Others Are Impostures So Beware![move][/move]

Re: Rich sugarmummies lesbian mummy and daddy and lesbian connection

By: stacy.kiss |Time : March 15, 2019, 02:54:46 PM
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