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Date: May 28, 2020, 09:54:13 PM


Make Up Tips: The Smokey Eyes That Pops.: Make Up Tips: The Smokey Eyes That Pops. : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Make Up Tips: The Smokey Eyes That Pops.

By: naijarian (F) |Time : September 04, 2016, 05:07:40 PM
Darlings, let's talk about makeup.

Many men argue that they like their women el-natutal.  ;D But i have come to realize that this doesn't go with every man. Funny thing is, there are some men that actually like their women all dolled up, lucky for us, eh??! Lmao
They like sparkles and all the glitter that comes with it. Yay, I say!!!!

So just as there are men that like it when their own women leave all make up out, there are men that loves the barbie doll face. But then, not every glam goes with every persona. Just because your man fancies a dolled up face does not mean such will go with your face or skin tone. This is one of the mistakes that many of us make. We often forget that Jane isn't Yinka and definetly not Sulia. Hehehehe... ;D

Yes, our eyes are a great part of us as females. It makes us stand out amongst thousands of others. There are different make up types that goes with different eye colors, and even skin tones, like I mentioned earlier. The type of make up we choose depends solely on our interest as a person. While some would go for bright and shiny others would go for the sexy eyes that are smoking hot!

Achieving a great eye make up should not be a big affair for even the amateur. It is easy and does not really take much time for anyone to do. One of my most favorites at all times is the smokey eyes. Yes!!  ;D

The innocent trick to have as an ace up your sleeve when doing a smokey eye make up is the manner at which we achieve our blend and the outcome of the eye shadow we apply.

The first thing to have in mind when applying any make up for a great eye is a clean face and ensure that your brows are properly shaped. Why? We do want to avoid looking awkward.

Most will think smokey eyes are extreme but I always find if very hot and sultry. Getting this make up done is easy as oppose to what many would think. All you need to have handy is the necessary essentials like the right brushes and the right kind of pencils and eye shadows.

To get a great make up for you eye using the smokey eye tip, these are the items needed.

1) We need the eye shadow. You need to make sure that you have a minimum of three shades of one color and in this case black or brown.

2) The eye liner is the next in line. This may be in the liquid form or you might want to go with the pencil eye liner. But you need to know that for a smokey eye, it is best to go for the pencil eyeliner. It blends easily when used.

3) The next one is the eye shadow brush or at times the blender brush, oh well, you might just keep the smudge brush handy just in case. They are all important for the great make up that is called the smokey eye make up.

4) Then we have the eye lash curler which is also very important for a great make up because it is used to curl the lashes just before you start your applications.

5) The last but not the least is the ever essential mascara. Black mascara will define your eyes' depth and make it look unforgettable.

Now, let's start on the application.

For easy blending, it is always nice to base our eyelid. There are several eye-shadow primers out there. Just use the tip on your middle finger to dap it in your lid, making sure it doesn't spill far out.

Then we do the first step which is to draw your lines. This can be quite tricky but with steady hands, you can get it right. If you are a fan if winged eyeliner shapes, you can go with it but if not, just leave the line just at the corner of your eye. For the Smokey eye, we would like to go with black. It should not be too thick and should sstart just at the inner corner of you eye.

After this, we pick up our eye-shadow and with our eyeshadow brush, we pat in the darkest shade of black, just over the lined part of our lid. And yes, we blend it in.

Next, we use the next lighter shade of black over the other darker shade and blend this into each other. We can decide to go for a cut crease at this point. This means that we want a defined division of the eyelid.

For the last part, we go to the outer corner of our eye and dap on the darkest shade and blend towards the inner part of lid, just up to the middle of the lid.

Then we blend in very well, careful of spillage.

Then we take a concealer and go to the outer corner of our eye and conceal any necessary spill.

We then take out black pencil liner and line the lower eyelid till it blends in.

With a mascara on the eyelashes, we have a smokey eye popping look that makes sense.

Wasnt that easy and timely?

Yeah, one of a great make up of all times is the smokey eyes and do note that it is not just for the hard rock chick. It can be rocked anytime of the day, for that different look you have always craved and it doesn't need that many colors for it to pop.


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