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Date: October 30, 2020, 01:48:18 AM


LED Replace High Bay HID Of Convention Hall Free Sample: LED Replace High Bay HID Of Convention Hall Free Sample : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


LED Replace High Bay HID Of Convention Hall Free Sample

By: fftty121 |Time : November 06, 2018, 09:13:43 AM
※Our Factory
MATIC Lighting is an energy saving LED lighting R&D and manufacture company founded by Mr. Kellent, Hong a former general manager and general engineer of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group in 2006. The company is located in Shanghai China and its energy saving lighting products cover both domestic and overseas market. The company has extensive experience in exporting and OEM service business for the Europe and North America market.
The major R&D product of MATIC Lighting is the LED retrofitting HID light which provides 70% energy saving. In the LED-HID retrofit market, MATIC Lighting has a patented LED designed to provide a real “plug and play“ by, simply screwing the LED lamp into existing HID fixture to convert to LED. There is no need to rewire or bypass the HID ballast. One product can replace both MH light and HPS light, and, one product is compatible with both indoor and outdoor working environment. Replacing HID light with MATIC lighting innovated LED source can save energy, extend lifespan, provide instant lighting and high quality light distribution in one simple replacement.
The mission of MATIC Lighting is to keep innovation and strive for excellence in the field of lighting business. We are determine to continue providing high quality energy saving products and delivering high value OEM services to the customers and business partners.
※Our Product
H2LC series
H2LE series
※Product Application
Retrofit market of HID lights
※Our Certificate
Patent No.201621289897.5P.R China(approved )
Patent No.201720080435.0P.R China(approved)
Patent No.15822526USA(pending)
Patent No.201721751141.2P.R.China(pending)
Patent No.201711365976.9P.R.China(pending)
UL Recognized:E490862
※Production Market
Matic lighting high quality products have been used in many landmark building cross the nation including People's convention hall in Beijing, Beijing airport building, Shanghai Jia Ding district government building etc. Our products have also been exported the EU including Spain, Belgium and Netherlands. The new HID retrofit products will also target North America Market.LED Replace High Bay HID Of Convention Hall Free Sample

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