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Date: April 13, 2021, 05:41:12 AM


5 Easy Ways to Make a Woman Happy This Friday: 5 Easy Ways to Make a Woman Happy This Friday : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


5 Easy Ways to Make a Woman Happy This Friday

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : January 12, 2018, 02:46:19 PM
Everything in this world will be a lot easier if all women are happy. Believe it or not, a happy woman makes not only a great home but a great nation also. So how do you make your woman happy? Do you make her happy daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

We say Thank God its Friday because a Friday signifies a lot of things. Most best steps are taken on a Friday. So, these are 5 simple ways to take a step at making your woman happy today.

1. Describe how much you love her

It’s not a about telling someone you love them, but describing the way you love them. Of course, you might not have everyday to say this, but a Friday is just a perfect day for it. Imagine a Friday morning call,ending with “I will always want to be with you”, or, “Hello Baby, I had a stomach ache overnight and all I could think of is your menstrual cramps. Although, you have not used the word I love you, but you have described your love for her.

2.Ask about her week

After describing your love, go on and ask about her week. Remind her of things she has said previously, so that she knows you are a listener. Ask about her annoying colleague, her test or her training. Avoid talking about yourself, make her the center of focus.

3.Plan an Outing

So many relationships fail because there is no outdoor activity. The only time you get to see is at each others place. Excuses like, I can’t afford a date, I understand that you are broke, Am an indoor person, Am too busy for that” all leads to breakup. A lady might not argue with you not taking dates, but be sure she wants it. Men do not need to rob a bank to go on dates, there are lots of places to visit at little or no cost , all you need is a planning.

4.Ask her for a Gift

Women feel better knowing they can give to a guy, it’s a reverse law. As much as they want a guy to be giving of love, affection, money,gifts, appreciation and all others, they are always happy if they can give their man things too. Ask a woman to be by your side, tell her you need a perfume or ask her to call your Mum. like gifts, they can be asked for.

5.Don’t Dump her

Of all things, please don’t dump a woman on a Friday because it stays longer in memory e.g “Tell me about your ex”, “oh, the sonofabitch ruined my weekend, I was just leaving work”. If you are going to dump her, a Saturday or Tuesday is most preferred.

At the end of it all, thank God it's Friday!

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