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Top facts about the spiritual meaning of coconut(video): Food : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (99 views)

Top facts about the spiritual meaning of coconut(video)

By GideonOctober 12, 2017, 01:58:36 AM
It is believed that if you find a coconut in your dreams, you should expect a gift! This gift may not be something material, but expect to get something interesting. Even a simple emotion can be considered a gift in this case, like a chance meeting with a new or old friend which can significantly change your life. Also, since coconuts are connected with cleaning and cleansing, you can expect something to be purified in your life!

A new beginning can also be considered a gift in this case, so get prepared for any kind of situation if you find a coconut in your dream!

Spiritual significance of coconut in Hinduism

Coconuts have a significant spiritual meaning in Hindu practice. The ritual of breaking a coconut has very symbolic features in Hinduism and every corner of India has its own tradition of breaking a coconut.

One interesting thing about this ritual is that it can be related with all religions! Coconut water symbolizes cleansing, therefore, when a preacher or spiritual mentor cracks a coconut, he annihilates the egoism of a person! In Hinduism, it can be considered a way of humbling yourself to God. That is why it is possible to perform this ritual with representatives of different religious groups.

In Hinduism, the coconuts can be broken in front of deities to symbolize the humbleness and clearness of a person.

Traditional rituals with coconuts
2. Blood Pressure
In Hinduism, you can find various rituals connected with using coconuts. One of the most interesting rituals is connected with the Deity Maruti which is believed to protect people from black magic.

The preacher of Maruti performs this ritual over the person who seeks freedom from the black magic by placing them in a special corner of the Maruti temple and then presenting them with a special coconut. After which they have to pray to Maruti and ask for forgiveness. When the ritual is completed, the coconut is broken and the preacher reveals the nature of black magic that was in the person.

For instance, if the coconut breaks into pieces while the person is holding it, it is believed that he or she has become a victim of a powerful dark magic; this powerful magic can make a person experience suicidal thoughts.

.Another type of ritual requires that people who want to become humble to God have to drink the water from a coconut. As mentioned earlier, coconut water is cleansing and therefore a divine tool for asking forgiveness. Usually, the people are expected to first ask for forgiveness, and then proceed to drink the coconut water.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the ritual will only work and prayers will only be answered if the person is sincere and understands the full consequence of their actions. If people lie about their true feelings, then the ritual will provide them no benefits. People with negative thoughts will not benefit from this ritual; it is however believed that some Hindu preachers can help channel the negative thoughts into the positive energy.

Coconut is also considered an energy saver by some; it is believed that you can save your negative energy in a coconut and then smash it on the ground. People who try to do this type of ritual might experience a new wave of power in their hands.

. Blood Sugar
But how do you channel your negative energy into a coconut? By simply screaming or swearing at it. You can even try to imagine the coconut as your worst enemy! Tell it what you think of it and after you are done, smash it on the ground! That`s how you can get rid of unnecessary negative energy in your body and feel an instant wave of relief.

The main spiritual meaning of coconut water is cleaning or cleansing. Therefore,it is used in traditional medicine to clean the body and spirit from the toxins and negative energy. It is interesting that the spiritual and medical significance of a coconut are almost the same, which shows a hidden connection between traditional and spiritual medicine..

Re: Top facts about the spiritual meaning of coconut(video)

By GideonOctober 12, 2017, 02:01:56 AM
When I first saw this,I was just shaking my head as to the reasoning behind this. Coconuts should be enjoyed,some fictitious or fetish folks should enjoy a wonderful food item that almighty God create instead of using it for other mysterious purpose.

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