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Date: June 26, 2019, 11:43:48 PM


I didn’t know my fiancee was this experienced!: Family : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


I didn’t know my fiancee was this experienced!

By: dayan (M) |Time : November 13, 2018, 09:33:34 PM
Dear Bunmi,

I’ VE been with my girlfriend since our university days and we will be getting married soon. She recently introduced her choice of chief bridesmaid to me and I was aghast. She was a real jet-setter though she didn’t attend the same university as ours. In fact, a few of my friends used to ‘date’ her.

I told my girl outright that she should look for a substitute, but she refused. She said they were childhood friends and had promised long ago to be each other’s bridesmaid.

When I told her of the girl’s history, she said she knew. I pumped her further and she confessed she too used to go out with aristos, which is a sophisticated name for sugar daddies.

Of course, she said it was all behind her now, that she regretted what she did and asked for my forgiveness. I know I should put it all behind me, but I can’t. I’m disgusted to say the least. What happens when we run into one of her aristos? And how many of them has she had?


by e-mail.

Dear Ibrahim,

I think you’re better off calling off the wedding. Not because your girl has done anything wrong. Actually, she’s been very brave to tell you the truth and deserves your forgiveness. The reason you should call off the wedding is because you don’t really care about her.

You’re more concerned about what other people might think than about how she got into such a situation when she was young. With your current attitude, if you get married you’d be condemning her to lifetime disapproval.

So give the situation a really serious thought. If you cannot come to terms with her past, then walk away.

This way, you can both find partners who’ll make you happy.

Source: Vanguard

Re: I didn’t know my fiancee was this experienced!

By: dayan (M) |Time : November 13, 2018, 09:37:11 PM
Bunmi gave exactly the type of advice I would give.
This guy is lucky to know the real history of this woman. He should thank his stars.
Now, he has a real decision to make.
But I bet you that he would still stumble into the marriage rather than letting her find a man who can accept her past.
If I were a relation of this woman I would advise her not to marry him, just in case.
If it is an issue today, you better believe that it would remain an issue for ever, for this man.
He should also find a woman without such past.
Incompatible couple.

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